WIF Members Create: Mini Upfronts


WIF Members Create: Mini Upfronts


Do you have a teaser, sizzle, or trailer for a film, pilot, or web series that has not yet been in wide release? If you do, then the Mini Upfronts is for you! Fall 2016, WIF will host a screening of jury selected teasers, sizzles, and trailers (3 min max) to connect content creators with industry professionals looking for content. Call for Submissions is open and will close on SEPTEMBER 21 (UPDATED). If you have any questions, please email lagueria@hotmail.com.

Round 1 – Requirements

  • Teaser, Sizzle, or Trailer for a feature, an episodic television series, or web series. Any genre accepted. However, submissions can’t be any longer than three minutes. All submissions must be via a private link on either Vimeo or YouTube.
  • Synopsis of feature, episodic television series, or web series.
    Stage of development of the project.
  • Three out of five key roles must be female. Those roles include writer, director, producer, director of photography, and talent.

Round 2 (Semi-Finalist)

  • Submit polished feature or pilot scripts. For web series, submit the equivalent of a sitcom pilot, roughly 30 pages.
  • Two-page treatment.

Round 3 (Finalist)

  • The highest rated trailers from round 2 will be programmed for the first annual Mini Upfronts.



  1. Can I submit for more than one project?  Absolutely! You can submit as many projects as you’d like, but with the understanding that a maximum of two projects (within different categories—film, tv, webseries, documentary) will be shown at the event.
  1. Can I submit more than one trailer for the same project?   Please choose your strongest trailer and submit only one.
  1. Can I submit a trailer for my short film? No, submissions are only for full-length projects.
  1. What if my short film is a “proof of concept” for a full-length project? Fantastic—submit the trailer, again with the understanding that the full script needs to be polished and complete should you advance to the second round.
  1. When must my full script be ready? If you advance to the second round, additional materials will be required by 24 October.
  1. How do I know if I advanced to the second round? You will be notified via email with the specifics regarding the required additional materials.
  1. Can I submit if I am not a WIF Member? However, join us! Becoming a member is easy—we have a link on the submission form and, hey, here it is again! Memberships start as low as $85 and are a tax write off. http://womeninfilm.org/become-a-member/
  1. Who are the judges? All judges are industry professionals.
  1. Can industry professionals submit? Absolutely! As long as they are WIF members.
  1. Who is this screening/reception for? It is our goal to connect industry professionals (studio execs, production companies, distributors, financiers) with existing material from female content creators.
  1. Can I attend the screening and reception? Absolutely! This event is open to WIF members, people involved in the projects being screened, and industry professionals.