WIF Stands in Solidarity with the WGA

WIF stands in solidarity with the WGA and their members as they seek equitable compensation and sustainable working conditions. While streamer and studio profits and CEO salaries have ballooned over the last decade, the pay gap for writers has grown wider. And the gap is even worse for women, particularly women of color. Without the power of collective bargaining, we’d be pushed even further behind when it comes to pay equity, career sustainability, and working conditions – the very things WIF is dedicated to fighting for. That’s why we strongly support the WGA in their fight for a fair contract.

If you are a WGA member, or looking for ways to support WGA members, go to www.wgacontract2023.org for the latest info.

For resources, funding, support, and strike accessibility info, visit https://www.writeinclusion.org/strikeresources.