Shorts Lab Details

The WIF Shorts Lab supported by Google will provide three filmmaking teams with grants of $30,000 and the support needed to produce a short film. Emerging writers, directors, creative producers, and line producers selected for the program will create a highly produced content piece to showcase their talent and advance their career opportunities.

Fellows in the program will be provided with practical support, mentorship, and guidance throughout the prep, production, and post phases of their project. Grants provided are also meant to cover resources needed to meet COVID-19 safety standards. Eligible scripts to be considered for the program should be set in the modern era and have occasion for characters to utilize the Google Assistant.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Grant for projects will be $30,000.
  • Projects must be a short narrative film (15 minutes or less).
  • Submitted project must be in script form. Projects must not have entered the pre-production phase at the time of acceptance into the program.
  • Projects must be shot within Los Angeles County (certain exceptions may apply).
  • All dates, locations, etc., will be determined within the program and are subject to WIF and Google availability.
  • Key team members (writer, director, producer, line producer) must identify as women or gender non-binary.
  • At least one applicant must be the rights holder for the project.
  • The director must be signed on to the project at the time of submission.
  • All projects must be produced under SAG’s Short Project Agreement.
  • All projects must pay all crew (at least) California minimum wage and must follow California labor laws.
  • Filmmakers must be able to provide insurance and payroll for the productions.
  • A $30,000 budget for the project must be submitted with application with all program requirements addressed.

Short Film Requirements

  • Script must be set in present day.
  • Short film to include one (1) product placement showcasing Google Assistant on a Pixel device. This requirement assumes a character will verbally invoke a Google Assistant query and show the device responding, audibly and visually. WIF to share additional considerations after application is submitted.
  • Characters may not use technology in extreme or unrealistic settings, and technology may not be portrayed as fantastical, dangerous, or scary.
  • Google Assistant cannot be shown in children’s bedrooms or being used by children (ages 16 and under).
  • Google Assistant should not be shown, referenced, or associated with:
    • drugs and alcohol
    • crime and/or violence
    • adult content, including sexual connotations
  • No competitive products can be shown in short film.
  • Filmmaker(s) to retain ownership over completed shorts.
  • Google will supply any necessary products applicable to the Google Assistant integration scene.
  • Google to have approval of the integration prior to and after filming. A Google representative to be on set during filming.

Program Timeline

* Selected filmmakers must be available to meet all program dates and deadlines.

  • Applications open: December 1, 2021
  • Applications close: January 4, 2022
  • Participants notified: March 10, 2022
  • Participant orientation meeting: March 23, 2022
  • Key team formation, development/notes, final script approval: April 2022
  • Pre-production and filming: April/May 2022
  • Post-production: May/June 2022
  • Finished films: July 15, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns the rights to the finished film?
    The filmmakers will retain all rights to both the film and the underlying IP, but will agree to license the film to WIF on a non-exclusive basis. The filmmakers will also have the right to distribute the film as they wish (submit to festivals, collaborate with distributors, etc.).
  • Do I have to have a full key team (writer, director, producer, line producer) assembled when I apply?
    Because the timeline for the program moves extremely fast, we highly recommend that you have your key team in place, or ideas for who you would like to bring onboard, by the time of notifications (February 24, 2022). If you are selected for the program and do not have a producer and/or line producer in place, WIF will supply applications for interested parties; however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the selected participants to solidify the key team. The director must be in place and included in the application itself.
  • Can I book my own crew?
    It is the responsibility of the key team to hire their own crew. In alignment with WIF’s mission, we ask that the final crew is at least 50% women/gender non-binary.
  • Does WIF supply production insurance, payroll, etc.?
    Unfortunately WIF is unable to provide production insurance, payroll, or other HR support, but we may be able to advise on such resources.
  • How do I create a budget if I don’t have a producer in place?
    If you do not have a producer in place and are struggling to create your budget, we recommend seeking assistance from those within your filmmaking community. If you are a WIF program alumna, your fellow participants may be of great help. If you have not yet participated in a WIF career program, there are ample resources online to help craft a simple budget. We will also help fine-tune the budget if you are accepted into the program.
  • What type of mentors will I get?
    Each key team member will receive support from a mentor within their own career discipline.
  • Do I need to update my script with any creative requirements not listed on the website?
    No. If selected, any additional creative requirements will be incorporated into the script once the program begins.

For additional questions not covered on this page, please contact