Mentoring Program Details

Program Specifics

Mentees will be assigned to groups of up to eight within their field, generally led by two mentors, each with significant experience in that field. Circles are expected to have at least six group meetings within a twelve-month period. Dates and locations will be determined solely by mentors, and may continue to be virtual for the time being. It is the responsibility of the mentee to be available to attend meetings.

Peer Mentoring: For those who are not accepted to the program, we will offer an opportunity to self-select into peer mentoring circles run by peer mentors (alumnae of the Mentoring Program).


  • In order to be eligible for the Mentoring Program, you must be an active WIF member at the Associate/Creative Level or above. You can learn more about joining HERE.
  • You must be local to Los Angeles in order to participate.
  • You must have a clear career focus that you can articulate in your application.
    • Please note that mentoring circle placement is at the discretion of the WIF Programs Team.
  • There is no cost to eligible members for this application.


Applications open: Monday, August 9, 2021
Applications close: Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Applicants notified: Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Is everyone who applies accepted into the program?

The Mentoring Program is one of our most popular projects, and we are not able to accept all who apply. We will accept 50–80 members (depending on mentor availability) in 2021. Accepted participants will have some experience in their field, and a clear vision of their career trajectory.

Will I receive my own mentor?

The WIF Mentoring Program uses the circle method where each group of eight (8) mentees meet with their two (2) mentors six (6) times over the course of a year. Although there are times when exceptions will be made for underrepresented career tracks, typically no one in the WIF Mentoring Program receives their own mentor.

How soon will I receive my mentor assignments after I am notified?

Mentors will be assigned, and correspondence between the mentors and mentees will begin, by the end of the calendar year.

Can I apply for multiple disciplines?

Yes, you can select any of the circles you feel are right for you and align with your specific career trajectory. Please note that the final determination of which circle to place you in is at the discretion of the WIF Programs Team.

What is a Statement of Interest?

This is your opportunity to tell us the things that we can’t learn from your résumé/bio. Who you are, what your journey has been, what your goals are, what type of help you need, and what type of mentors would be great for you. The format, and exact information included, varies from person to person, but should make clear to the reader your vision for your professional path within three pages or less. A good thing to keep in mind is that this a highly competitive application pool, and you should write your statement accordingly.

How many times do the mentoring circles meet?

Six times in twelve months.

What type of mentors will I get?

Typically, each circle will have two complementary mentors (e.g., one creative mentor and one business-side mentor) who are high-level industry professionals that can speak to the mentees’ discipline. This may vary for certain disciplines, particularly those that are currently underrepresented at WIF.

If I was in the Mentoring Program previously, can I reapply?

Your participation in a previous year of the Mentoring Program does not disqualify you for acceptance into this year’s program, but please note that the WIF Programs Team will prioritize those who have not yet experienced the program when making their final decisions. Should you wish to reapply, you should make it clear in your application that you are hoping to be placed in a different circle than you had been previously, with clear thoughts on why a second round would be beneficial to you.

Will my mentor read/refer my project?

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions placed on our mentors by the companies they currently work for, reviewing your projects for referrals, notes, placement, etc. is not something we are able to offer in this program. However, they may make requests at their own discretion.

For additional questions not covered on this page, please contact the WIF Programs Team at