Emerging Producers Program Details

Program Specifics

Eight participants will be chosen for the Emerging Producers Program. These participants will each receive four quarterly advising meetings with their core advisor(s). As a cohort, the participants will also partake in a 12-part class series taught by guest speakers that covers the production of a feature film from start to finish. Participants will also receive additional support and resources toward creating an LLC (if appropriate) for themselves or their project.


The ideal candidate for the Emerging Producers Program will have produced two to three shorts or music videos, have a career objective to become a producer, and is looking to produce their first feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of producers is this program for?
    This program is for producers who have completed a short film (from development through post), have produced notable music videos (independent, with a high amount of views, or for a well-known artist), or have produced in the advertising or marketing space.
  • I’ve already produced a feature; is this program for me?
    Typically, no. However, if your feature was a low budget film that did not receive a top-tier festival run or distribution, we would consider you a viable candidate.
  • What is an Artist Statement?
    This is your opportunity to tell us the things you can’t learn from a résumé. Who you are, what your journey has been, what your goals are, what type of help you need, and what type of advising would be helpful for you. The format and exact information included varies from person to person, but should definitely tell us everything you feel we need to know to select you for the program.

For other questions, please contact the WIF Programs Team at programs@wif.org.