Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity (TTIE)

The THINK TANK FOR INCLUSION & EQUITY (TTIE) is a consortium of working TV writers spanning baby writers to showrunners, from various backgrounds and working across various segments of the TV industry (Network/Cable/Digital, Drama/Comedy, Animation, etc.). TTIE is committed to increasing inclusion and improving working conditions for all writers, in particular those from diverse backgrounds. In 2018, TTIE became a grantee of the Pop Culture Collaborative and a collaborative project of Women In Film.


As working TV writers in the business, we know firsthand the challenges faced by TV writers at all stages of their careers, especially those faced by a broad spectrum of diverse TV writers (i.e. women, people of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and people with disabilities).

Through thoughtful research and analysis, strong community partnerships and collaborations, and the support of educational programming and initiatives, we hope to change working conditions and steer the culture of the television industry towards a safer, more inclusive, and equitable reality.

Read “Behind-the-Scenes: The State of Inclusion and Equity in TV Writers Rooms”

“Behind-the-Scenes: The State of Inclusion and Equity in TV Writers Rooms” is the first published, publicly-available report that speaks to the experiences of a broad spectrum of diverse TV writers through quantitative and qualitative self-reported data directly from working TV writers.

From barriers to entry and advancement to dealing with bias, discrimination and/or harassment, to the challenges of getting diverse content through the writers room and/or development, this report highlights the persistent and systemic issues faced by diverse TV writers and provides specific recommendations for increasing inclusion and equity in TV writers rooms. Our hope is that this can inform the many amazing programs and educational initiatives already in existence, allowing them to review and adjust their strategies while also encouraging new players to act and seed additional intervention strategies that support diverse TV writers.


Read and sign the #WriteInclusion open letter

TTIE’s #WriteInclusion campaign seeks to increase inclusion and equity in the 2019 staffing season by highlighting the experiences of a diverse spectrum of TV writers in the industry and amplifying the positive aspects of inclusion and equity in TV writers rooms.


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