The Black List 2019

Our friends at The Black List—with whom we partner on our episodic and feature Writing Labs—have released the 15th edition of their compilation of unproduced scripts from the past year.

“The Black List was compiled from the suggestions of over 250 film executives, each of whom contributed the names of up to ten favorite scripts that were written in, or are somehow uniquely associated with, 2019 and will not have begun principal photography during this calendar year.

“This year, scripts had to receive at least six mentions to be included on the Black List.

“All reasonable effort has been made to confirm the information contained herein.

“The Black List apologizes for all misspellings, misattributions, incorrect representation identification, and questionable 2019 affiliations

“It has been said many times, but it’s worth repeating:

“The Black List is not a ‘best of’ list. It is, at best, a ‘most liked’ list.”

Click here to view the full list. The women writers selected, and their projects, are:

CICADA by Lillian Yu, 16 mentions

When a talented hacker is recruited by the mysterious Cicada 3301, she gets wrapped up in a plot that threatens to destroy the entire world. Based on the real organization.

Management: Cliff Murray and Daniel Rappaport at Management 360

A MAGICAL PLACE CALLED GLENDALE by Sara Monge, 14 mentions

To revamp her self image, an arrogant but well-meaning high school socialite decides to help a former friend land the guy of her dreams… but in the process, realizes she wants her for herself.

Management: Josh Dove at Stride Management

Producers: Pacific Electric Picture Company

SHUT IN by Melanie Toast, 14 mentions

A single mother is held captive by her violent ex, and her two young children are left at risk. She must do everything to protect them and survive.

Agents: Charles Ferraro, Jordan Lonner, Carolyn Sivitz at UTA

Management: Dan Farah at Farah Films & Management

Financier: New Line

Producers: Cinestate, Farah Films, Vertigo Entertainment

BLACK MITZVAH by Lauren Tyler, 10 mentions

After embarrassing herself at the most popular girl’s party, a black and Jewish middle school misfit embarks on a journey to glow up and throw the best Bat Mitzvah of all time.

Management: Zadoc Angell, Chelsea Benson, and Matt Horwitz at Echo Lake Entertainment

Producers: Andrew Lauren Productions

REFUGE by Debra Moore Muñoz, 10 mentions

A brother and sister navigate the perils of both man and nature through Central America in their quest to find safety in the United States.

Management: Laura Leonard and Matt Rosen at Grandview

HIGH ON CHRISTMAS by Hannah Mescon & Dreux Moreland, 9 mentions

A stoner comedy about one family trying to save Christmas from itself after Santa eats the wrong batch of cookies.

Management: Amar Hansen, Jacob Perlin, and Charlie Scully at Anonymous Content

Producers: Valparaiso

SAY SOMETHING NICE by Erin Rodman, 9 mentions

WIF Member and Feature Writing Residency Fellow

After she catches her boyfriend cheating, Liv goes on a social media tirade that lands her in court for slander, and the judge forces her to make amends by composing one positive comment for every negative comment she posted, while under the supervision of a reclusive mediator also on the rebound from a failed relationship.

Management: Sydney Blake at Fourth Wall Management

Producers: Stampede Ventures

AN AFTERMATH by Lauren Caris Cohan

After a whirlwind lost-distance online romance, a once-cynical writer inherits a remote smart-house from her newly deceased new husband and discovers he might not be entirely gone after all.

Agent: Sue Carls at CAA

Management: Courtney Conwell and Britton Rizzo at Writ Large

Producers: Solution Entertainment Group

APEX by Aja Gabel & MJ Wesner, 8 mentions

When old college friends on a trip to Mexico get trapped in an underwater cave system with a bull shark, old tensions and power struggles resurface as they fight to survive.

Agents: Michael Chung and Parker Davis at Verve (Wesner), Jasmine Lake and Alyssa Lanz at UTA (Gabel)

Management: Evan Cavic at Artists First (Wesner), Merideth Bajana and Faisal Kanan at Grandview (Gabel)

MY BOYFRIEND’S WEDDING by Carrie Solomon, 8 mentions

After Georgia accidentally receives an out of the blue invitation to her on-again, off-again boyfriend’s wedding, she and her best friend Keely make the ill-informed decision to attend.

Management: Jared Ceizler at Magnolia Entertainment

Producers: Star Thrower Entertainment

SISTER by Azia Squire, 8 mentions

Following her mother’s sudden passing, a queer black woman returns to her southern town to assist her estranged sister plan the funeral. Her trip takes a turn when sleep deprivation manifests visions of her deceased mother.

Agent: Halle Mariner at APA

Management: Courtney Conwell and Lauren Dineley at Writ Large

THE SWELLS by Rachel James, 8 mentions

A young woman, propelled by an unstoppable rage, begins inviting her victims to a summer lake house as revenge for past wrongs. But when one of her guests has been wronged as well, she passes on The Swells—bringing its wrath to the streets of New York.

Financier/Producers: Assemble Media

BETTY FORD by Kas Graham & Rebecca Pollack

An intimate portrait of the sensational First Lady and ERA champion, Betty Ford, as she challenges, scandalizes, dances, and drinks her way through the White House to gain a higher popularity rating than any President in American history, all whilst maintaining a 26 pill-a-day drug habit.

Agents: Jon Cassir, Lauren Fox, Darian Lanzetta, and Wilhelmina Ross at CAA

Management: Josh Goldenberg and Aaron Kaplan at Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment

Financier: Netflix

Producer: Ryan Murphy

THE REPOSSESSION by Megan Amram, 7 mentions

Twenty years after a failed exorcism, a meek young woman becomes unlikely friends with the foul-mouthed demon that possessed her as a child.

Management: Cliff Murray at Management 360

Financier: A24

Producers: Bad Robot

ASSISTED LIVING by Kay Oyegun, 6 mentions

A thief finds sanctuary in a retirement home after going on the run.

Management: Trevor Engelson at Underground

Financier: Paramount

Producers: Made with Love, Temple Hill Entertainment

GIRLFRIEND ON MARS by Kaitlin Fontana

Amber and Kevin, weed dealer burnouts committed to going nowhere together, have been dating for twelve years. When Amber enters a reality show that will take the winner to Mars with no chance of return, Kevin has to face what it really means when the ones we love leave us and leave the planet. Based on the story by Deborah Willis.

Management: Christina Campagnola and Kara Welker at Imagine Artist Management

NO GOOD DEED by Christina Pamies, 6 mentions

A woman with a troubled past invites her teen niece to live with her in the family’s farm house, but the two become tormented by a creature that can take away their pain for a price.

Agents: David Boxerbaum, Michael Chung, and Nicky Mohebbi at Verve

Management: Jake Wagner at Alibi

Producers: Good Deed Entertainment

STAMPEDE by Sontenish Myers, 6 mentions

A young slave girl named Lena has telekinetic powers she cannot yet control on a plantation in the 1800s.

Agents: Melisa Baloglu and Natalia Williams at Paradigm

TIL DEATH by Jessica Knoll, 6 mentions

Swept up in the excitement of her wedding day, Dr. Julie Wheeler is oblivious to the killer on her guest list, who is methodically stalking her nearest and dearest, until it’s too late.

Financier: Amazon

Producers: Luckychap

VOICEMAILS FOR ISABELLE by Leah McKendrick, 6 mentions

A low-level TV writer struggles to cope with the death of her little sister by continuing to leave her voicemails chronicling the shitshow that is dating in L.A. When the phone number is unknowingly transferred, a cocky New York real estate agent begins receiving the hilarious and confessional voicemails, and feels pulled to California to find this stranger he feels intimately close to.

Agents: Allison Hahn, Amanda Hymson, and Lily Safran at UTA

Management: David Clark at Mazo Partners

Financier: Sony

Producers: Escape Artists