The WIF Scholarship Program


The WIF Scholarship Program offers women of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to launch careers in film, television, communications, and new media, by awarding scholarships to female students at major film schools in the Los Angeles area and other parts of the country.  The scholarship program strengthens Women In Film’s mission to ensure that female voices are heard and to provide a dynamic, vital link to the bold voices of the future.


2016/17 Scholar Emmeli Tomth

Women In Film 2016 CSUN Scholarship

Emmeli Tomth

I am extremely honored as I humbly accept the Women in Film Scholarship. To me this gives me inspiration to strive to even higher grounds, to keep on living my dreams and to work hard to one day make them reality. As a young woman from another country who moved here to pursue her dream of that one day be able to open the eyes of others to the world around us through the arts of filmmaking the support of the Women in Film organization means the world. It makes me not only empowered and deeply inspired to be part of such a strong community of women but also, in times of doubts, fill me with great amounts of strength to encounter any challenges. As a collaboration we are all limitless.

—Emmeli Tomth, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2016/17 Scholar Silvia Lara

WIF/UCLA Dreamworks Scholarship

I am so incredibly grateful to have been chosen to receive the WIF/UCLA Dreamworks Scholarship from Women in Film as an undergrad at UCLA. I am honored to be joining the lineage of female filmmakers that came before me and thiis honor will go a long way in helping me in the next steps of my career as I relocate to New York to pursue my MFA in cinematography! Thank you Women in Film for your kindness and generosity.

—Silvia Lara, 2016/17 WIF Scholar



2016/17 Scholar Faith Strongheart

UCLA Verna Fields Scholarship

I am deeply honored and incredibly grateful to be the recipient of the 2016 WIF Verna Fields Memorial Fellowship, in honor of Warner Bros. and for the generous support of Women In Film. As an aspiring female director, every ounce of support I can acquire is a must for success in this industry. These funds will be put to very good use on my thesis film, a feature based on my unpredictable and challenging hippie upbringing in the mountainous Northern New Mexico village of Truchas.

—Faith Strongheart, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2016/17 Scholar Shirley Zhou

UCLA 2016 Dummer Television Award

Receiving a scholarship from Women In Film is a tremendous honor, and I relish in this support as I continue my journey as a female filmmaker and animator. Telling diverse stories in an industry comfortable with the status quo is a formidable task, but not as formidable as the power of this community.

—Shirley Zhou, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2016/17 Scholar Audrey Emerson

WIF/USC 2016 Scholar

My time at the USC School of Cinematic Arts has been one of incredible growth and gratitude. It is not often that one gets to walk into class everyday and be surrounded by some of the most talented minds and creative souls that the world has to offer. It goes without saying that I am not only becoming a better filmmaker in this unique environment, but also a better person. I am extremely grateful for the Women In Film 2016 Scholarship for allowing me to continue to study in such a wonderful environment and I hope to use what I have learned to keep paying it forward.

—Audrey Emerson, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2016/17 Scholar Krystal Javier

WIF/AFI Tichi Wilkerson Kassel Scholar

Ahhhh!! Words truly cannot express how grateful I am for the Tichi Wilkerson Kassell Scholarship. Women In Film is such an amazing organization that supports female storytellers and voices, it’s an honor to be part of this community of fierce women. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

—Krystal Javier, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2016/17 Scholar Adrienne Love-Schultz

WIF/USC 2016 Scholarship Winner

I’m so humbled and thankful to be one of the recipients of the 2016 WIF scholarship. Since I became interested in working in the entertainment industry, I knew that I would face additional challenges as a woman. But finding support and encouragement in an established, empowering community like WIF has been very validating and exciting. I am honored to be connected to such an important organization.

—Adrienne Love-Schultz, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2016/17 Scholar Jennica Wragg

WIF/USC 2016 Scholar

I am so very honored to have received this scholarship from an organization that strives to empower female talent within the cinematic arts discipline. As I begin to develop a career in the entertainment industry, I am inspired by this group of very successful and talented women and look forward to contributing to this exciting industry in years to come.

—Jennica Wragg, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2016/17 Scholar Rachel Kivlahan

WIF/UCLA 2016 Loreen Arbus Cinematography Award

This scholarship feels like a warm, welcoming embrace of support as I launch my career into this – somewhat daunting – industry. I’m sincerely humbled to be included amongst the prestigious community of Women in Film.

—Rachel Kivlahan, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2016/17 Scholar Shoshana Sachi

2016 WIF UCLA Eleanor Perry Writing Award

A recognition from Women In Film has, and will continue to be an award that brings me great pride. I have worked incredibly hard to chase my dreams of becoming a writer – and hope to continue pursuing my passion for becoming one who will be an ambassador, and a voice for women in a field that favors so few. I want to tell human stories, women’s stories; characters that are neither treated with kids’ gloves, or reduced to their sexuality. I want to be a face among the force that will showcase women as the resilient, and complex human beings that we are. And I want those stories to reach everyone, in every place.

—Shoshana Sachi, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2016/17 Scholar Lane Lyle

Chapman/Meredith MacRae Memorial Award

I couldn’t be more honored to receive the 2016 Women in Film Meredith MacRae Memorial Scholarship from such an esteemed group of filmmakers. It’s so encouraging to be supported by such strong and successful women as I start my career in the industry.

—Lane Lyle, 2016/17 WIF Scholar


2015 Scholars

2015 WIF Scholars



Women In Film/Loreen Arbus Endowment Thanks to the generosity of WIF supporter Loreen Arbus, we endow a $2,000 annual scholarship to a student studying cinematography in the MFA program at UCLA.

Women In Film/Tichi Wilkerson Kassel Endowment We endow a $2,000 scholarship in the name of WIF’s founder, Tichi Wilkerson Kassel. This is given to an undergraduate female student studying film at AFI.

The Verna Fields Memorial Fellowship is awarded to a woman graduate student in either directing or editing to assist with the production of her thesis film. In recent years, this has been $1000. It is administered directly by UCLA annually to a female director in UCLA’s MFA program.

The Bruce Paltrow Endowment Thanks to the generosity of the Paltrow family, we endow a $1,000 annual scholarship to a film and media student at Tulane University.

The Meredith MacRae Memorial Scholarship  is awarded annually to a student at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Conservatory of Motion Pictures

The Eleanor Perry Writing Award is awarded yearly to student at UCLA’s MFA Writing program.

The Women In Film Dummer Television Award Thanks to the generosity of Vicki Dummer, this scholarship is awarded annually at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television—Department of Film, Television and New Media

The Women in Film Tiffany & Co. Film Scholarship Thanks to the generosity of Tiffany & Co., this scholarship is awarded annually to one well deserving female director studying at American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory

The USC School of Cinematic Arts WIF/C+L Scholarship is  awarded annually to a student(s) studying at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts