Kate Lupo

The Golden Resume

Here’s a real entry-level resume that landed my mentee a job at ICM, plus the top 5 elements recruiters look for in your resume… by Kate Lupo, Founder of Having a great resume is the first step towards breaking into the business side of Hollywood. So today I’d like to first, show you an […]

HR concept

The Game of Hollywood: Relationships

BY KIMBERLY SPENCER ON NOVEMBER 6, 2015 “Hi, my name is {Insert Name Here}. I’m an actor/writer/producer, and I’m working on/performing in/in-so-and-so’s class {Insert Name of Short Film/Play/Casting Assistant’s Name or Name of Workshop Here}. I love your work and would love to work with you someday,” said the desperate Hollywood player, handing the “big-wig” a […]