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Writer Lists

2019 Comprehensive Staffing Grid
Bodies of Work: An Independent Database of Writers with Disabilities
Latinx Screenwriters pre-WGA in Hollywood
Filipinx Television Writers List
Here Are the Latinx Writers – An Independent List of Latinx WGA Screenwriters
La Lista – Latina TV Writers
Muslim Women Writers in Film/TV
Native Writers – #WGASolidarityChallenge (Staffing level or higher, WGA Members)
Pre-WGA Write Women & Non-Binary
PreWGA Writers List 2019
Rainbow Pages: An Independent Database of LGBTQ+ Writers
The A List – Asian American Writers #WGAStaffingBoost
The Black Book (Black Writers in the WGA)
The Crescent List: Muslim TV Writers
#The_Fellowship_List: #WGASolidarityChallenge
The Write Women
U.S. Armed Forces Veteran Writers
WGA TV Writer Access Project
Diverse Writers of the East (WGAE women/POC writers based in the East, willing to move West for work)
WGAw women/POC mid to lower-level TV Writers (WGAW women and/or POC members interested in East-based work)
Pre-WGAe diverse TV writers (diverse, qualified, mostly East Coast-based writers who are not yet WGA and are open to entry-level staffing and assistant-level jobs)
WGA South Asian Writers List
2019 WRITEHER List Staffable Writers (pdf)