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“LA River PSA” Behind the Scenes




“Helping Hands” ALS Association PSA


LA Regional Foodbank PSA


LA River PSA: Bird Photobombs a Selfie



The Women In Film PSA Production Program is supported by a multitude of members and volunteers. Through a year-long process, select Creative Teams are given professional hands-on experience in writing, directing and producing for the charities. Crews who support these productions range from 26 to 63 volunteers and Women In Film constituents; women make up 65% of the crew. This provides them an opportunity to build their work experience and be mentored by experienced people of the entertainment industry. The PSAs are shot in HD using industry standard cameras and lighting equipment donated by companies who value empowering creative women. After the PSA has been completed, they are distributed through television/cable stations and the Internet.

Participants are mentored to move past their limitations and reach new levels of professionalism through the PSA Program. Additionally, experts are invited throughout the year to discuss craft and career paths to further guide our members.

The PSA Program develops women’s professional and creative skills while speaking to some of the world’s most pressing needs.


PSA Awards List

    • 2016 Telly Silver Award for LA River PSA
    • 2015 Telly Bronze Award for Desert Friends of the Developmentally Disabled
    • 2015 Telly Bronze Award for South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency
    • 2015 Aurora Gold Award for South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency (Directing)
    • 2015 Telly Bronze Award for Camp Kesem
    • MORE



The PSA Program is funded by the Department Cultural Affairs- City of Los Angeles.




Cameras provided by Panavision and Clairmont Camera.


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Software provided by Media Services.

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