Catalyze: The WIF Production Program


The Production Program will select four creative teams to produce and distribute four short-film or digital projects, with the guidance of seasoned mentors. The goal of this program is to elevate the next generation of female filmmakers, from a diversity of backgrounds, by producing short-form content (film, web series, PSA, social action film) that will help them build a sustainable career. Through the program, the participants increase their skills, network, visibility and reels. Each film will have a creative team: writer, director and producer, with a mentor in each discipline. Once the films are complete they are screened for the industry and released on YouTube and on the Women In Film Website. Application coming soon!

For 25 years WIF ran the PSA production program and in that time made over 150 PSAs (many of them award-winners) for over 150 charities. During that time, over 4,000 WIF Members participated in the program. We are transitioning the program to include other forms of content – including PSAs. Information about the PSA program is below.


“LA River PSA” Behind the Scenes




“Helping Hands” ALS Association PSA


LA Regional Foodbank PSA


LA River PSA: Bird Photobombs a Selfie


PSA Awards List

    • 2016 Telly Silver Award for LA River PSA
    • 2015 Telly Bronze Award for Desert Friends of the Developmentally Disabled
    • 2015 Telly Bronze Award for South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency
    • 2015 Aurora Gold Award for South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency (Directing)
    • 2015 Telly Bronze Award for Camp Kesem
    • MORE



The PSA Program is funded by the Department Cultural Affairs- City of Los Angeles.




Cameras provided by Panavision and Clairmont Camera.


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Software provided by Media Services.

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