Two women chat, seated across a table from each other.

Mentoring Program

Cultivating the next generation of women in the screen industries.

As of 2023, mentorship is now an integrated part of every WIF Fellowship! CLICK HERE to learn more.

Through our Mentoring Program, WIF members have the opportunity to discuss career objectives and strategy with supportive peers and established entertainment leaders. In an industry where men often have the advantage of increased access to networking, the Mentoring Program is just one way that WIF works to help participants form and nurture their own important professional relationships. Mentors are assigned to circles of accepted mentees within their field of experience, whom they will guide for a full year. Mentees get the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the entertainment industry’s business practices and culture, focus their efforts, and hone skills.

We feel strongly that mentoring is a crucial part of our mission, and that it is incumbent upon us to ensure that new generations of women in the film, television, and new media businesses are able to take advantage of the experiences of those who have gone before them.

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