Seventeen young women of color smile in a posed group photo.


INSIGHT provides filmmakers with opportunities for early career advancement.

For decades, WIF has built a community among our members and beyond, programmed events to bring them together, and led workshops to build skills for women. 

In 2018, WIF launched INSIGHT, an initiative for women of color filmmakers, to promote meaningful and genuine representation in the entertainment business, and to expand the pipeline of access to more women of intersectional identities. In the first two cohorts, rising media creatives were supported by a network of advocates who provided mentorship and continuing education.

The pandemic created an obstacle for this program and since 2021, it has been paused. We are now re-launching and revamping INSIGHT as a part of our Emerging Careers program. Our goals are to: 

  • Elevate historically underrepresented voices through our INSIGHT programs
  • Expand outreach to new communities to ensure that WIF reflects the world we aim to build, and continues to be anti-racist and inclusive of LGBTQ+ communities, affirms representation of disabled people, and supports people through and across generations, at all income levels, in front of and behind the camera. 
  • Reinvigorate WIF as a destination organization where emerging artists can make meaningful connections 
  • Produce programming that is responsive the community & building the skills they are asking for 

Thanks to Lexus and Johnnie Walker for their support of this program

INSIGHT events are designed to uplift experiences and spaces for marginalized communities. Please use discretion and respect when registering.