The WIF Production Program

We have open Key Team roles to fill for the 2018 selected projects!

See immediately below for additional info and to apply
(submissions close Friday, August 17)


2018 Session Open Key Team Roles

The projects for the 2018 Session have been selected and are looking for additional members to round out the Key Teams for the projects. Project #1 is looking for a Line Producer to join the Writer/Director and Producer participants. Project #2 is looking for a Producer and a Line Producer to join the Writer/Director participant. Once selected, the new Key Team Members will join the projects as official participants in the lab and will be teamed up with a Mentor. Both projects are short narrative films and finalists will receive information on the projects and already selected Key Team Members to prepare themselves for the interview process. These roles are only open to current Women In Film Members at CAREER Level Membership or above. If interested, please click HERE to submit your application.

Those members interested in Department Head/Designer/Crew/Additional Below-The-Line Positions, including Acting Roles should look for additional information in our newsletter, job board, and on this page closer to September, 2018.



Program Specifics

The Women In Film Production Program is a multi-faceted program with opportunities for emerging women on the creative side and in below-the-line positions. Formerly the Women In Film PSA Program, the Production Program is open to all WIF Members who are career level and above and seeks to catalyze careers through production training and support.

The core of the Program is open to Writers, Directors, and Producers to submit their short form projects. If chosen for the program, these members will be teamed up with Mentors who will walk them through the process of developing & producing their material with the financial and physical production support of Women In Film. Projects accepted for consideration are micro short films, web series pilots, PSAs, and proof of concepts. All members of the Key Team (Writer, Director, Producer, and Line Producer) must be Women In Film Members once entered into the program, but only one of these team members must be a Women In Film member at time of submission. The productions will be crewed by industry professionals and supported by emerging Women In Film members in below-the-line disciplines.


2018 Session Dates

Project Applications closed: Monday, July 23, 2018
Open Key Team Roles Applications open: Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Open Key Team Roles Applications close: Friday, August 17, 2018
Program begins: late August 2018
Program shoots: October 2018
Program ends: early December 2018


2019 Spring Session Dates

Applications open: October, 2018 (date forthcoming)
Application close: December, 2018 (date forthcoming)
Participants notified: January 2019 (date forthcoming)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify?
So long as someone on your Key Creative Team (Writer, Director, Producer) is a current Member of WIF, and you have one of the project types we list in the guidelines, you would qualify. The only thing to consider for full shorts is that the budget would be between $10,000 and $25,000, some of which would be in-kind. So you would need to feel confident you could make the short for that amount. Please note that, if accepted, all Key Team Members must become/upgrade to a WIF Career level Membership.

How many projects will you accept?
For 2018 we will be accepting 2 projects into the Lab. In 2019 and on we will most likely accept 4 projects each year.

When will the productions shoot?
In October of 2018.

What is the process?
Once a project is accepted the Key Team who submitted will fill the remaining Key Team roles with WIF Members or industry collegues they wish to work with. Please remember that anyone who joins the Key Team (Writer, Director, Producer, Line Producer) must be/become a Women In Film Career Level Member. We will then team the 4 Key Team Members up with their individual Mentors who will support and guide them through the process of Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production. With Women In Film’s support, sponsors, and base- the Key Team will hire Department Heads & Crew, hold Casting Calls for all roles, secure Locations and Permits, and lock in Equipment. The Key Teams will hold 5 Production Meetings, with their Mentors in attendance, throughout late August, September & early October. We anticipate Project 1 shooting around October 13 & Project 2 shooting around October 27. The Teams would then move into Post Production through late October, November, and early December with the support of their Mentors and the pro bono services of our Post Production house partners.

What type of financial support will be given/what is the budget?
The budget would be between $10,000 and $25,000 (depending on the budget), some of which would be in-kind.

What type of Production Support
For Production support, we bring in a Mentoring team to support the Key Team through the process of putting the film together from Pre-Production through Post. We also bring in industry professionals and emerging WIF members to fill in as Department Heads and Crew Members for the shoots. We have sponsorships for much of the equipment (both production & post houses) through industry partners, but the Producer would be responsible for booking all equipment 7 sourcing additional needs within the budget.

Can I submit a short Doc

What if my writer is a male?
As our mission is to advocate for and advance the careers of women working in the screen industries, the Women In Film Production Program is only open to female Key Team Members (Writer, Director, Producer, Line Producer).

Do all Key Team Member have to be CAREER level or above?
Yes, once accepted into the program. To apply, only one of these Members must be a WIF Career Member or above.

What time do submissions close?
Submissions will close at 11:59pm PST on the posted final day.

Can I apply with more than one project?
Absolutely! Please note that you will need to do a separate application (completed in full) for each project.

If Submitting a Proof of Concept, do I upload the full script or the proof of concept script?
As you would be entering the program with the proof of concept, we would need that script uploaded. But please do discuss the full feature and your plan for the proof of concept in your Artist Statement.


For additional questions not covered on this page, please contact Program Coordinator Melissa Verdugo at



“LA River PSA” Behind the Scenes




“Helping Hands” ALS Association PSA


LA Regional Foodbank PSA


LA River PSA: Bird Photobombs a Selfie


PSA Awards List

    • 2016 Telly Silver Award for LA River PSA
    • 2015 Telly Bronze Award for Desert Friends of the Developmentally Disabled
    • 2015 Telly Bronze Award for South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency
    • 2015 Aurora Gold Award for South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency (Directing)
    • 2015 Telly Bronze Award for Camp Kesem
    • MORE



The PSA Program is funded by the Department Cultural Affairs- City of Los Angeles.




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