The Women In Film Production Program is a multi-faceted program with opportunities for emerging women on the creative side and in below-the-line positions. Formerly the Women In Film PSA Program, the Production Program is open to all WIF Members who are ACTIVE CAREER LEVEL and above, and seeks to catalyze careers through production training and support.

The core of the Program is open to Writers, Directors, and Producers to submit their short-form projects. If chosen for the Program, these members will be teamed up with Mentors who will walk them through the process of developing and producing their material with the financial and physical production support of Women In Film. Projects accepted for consideration are micro short films, web series pilots, PSAs, and proofs-of-concept. All members of the Key Team (Writer, Director, Producer, and Line Producer) must be Women In Film Members once entered into the program, but only one of these team members need be a Women In Film Member at the time of submission. The productions will be crewed by industry professionals and supported by emerging Women In Film Members in below-the-line disciplines.

Projects accepted for consideration are:

  • Narrative short films (15 minutes or less)
  • Narrative web series pilots
  • PSAs
  • Narrative proofs of concept

Eligibility & Requirements:

  • Projects must not have entered the pre-production phase at the time of acceptance into the program. All dates, locations, etc. will be determined within the Program
  • With exception to Writers/Directors, Key Team members can only serve in one of the four positions
  • Projects must be shot within Los Angeles County (certain exceptions may apply)
  • Budgets for projects will be up to $20,000 including cash and in-kind services
  • Due to limited budgets, we do not recommend submitting projects with pyrotechnics, stunt driving, or other specialty production elements
  • If you are resubmitting a project which you submitted to the 2018 cycle, we strongly recommend including and detailing revisions in your submission
  • Key Team members (Writer, Director, Producer, Line Producer) may not receive compensation for roles performed while participating in the Program


So long as someone on your Key Creative Team (Writer, Director, Producer) is a current member of WIF, and you have one of the project types we list in the guidelines, you would qualify. The only thing to consider for full shorts is that the budget would be between $10,000 and $20,000, some of which would be in-kind. So you would need to feel confident you could make the short for that amount. Please note that, if accepted, all Key Team members must become/upgrade to a WIF Career Level membership.

We will be accepting four projects each year: two in the Spring and two in the Fall.

Spring Session: April/May
Fall Session: October

Once a project is accepted, the Key Team who submitted will fill the remaining Key Team roles with WIF Members or industry colleagues they wish to work with. Please remember that anyone who joins the Key Team (Writer, Director, Producer, Line Producer) must be/become a Women In Film Career Level Member. We will then team the four Key Team members up with their individual Mentors who will support and guide them through the process of pre-production, production, and post-production. With Women In Film’s support, sponsors, and base—the Key Team will hire department heads and crew, hold casting calls for all roles, secure locations and permits, and lock in equipment. The Key Teams will hold five production meetings, with their Mentors in attendance, throughout late April, May, and June for the Spring Session and late October, November, and December for the Fall Session. The Spring teams will shoot between April and May and the Fall teams will shoot in October. All teams will move into Post Production with the support of their Mentors and the pro bono services of our Post Production house partners.

The budget would be between $10,000 and $20,000 (depending on the budget), some of which would be in-kind.

For production support, we bring in a Mentoring team to support the Key Team through the process of putting the film together from pre-production through post. We also bring in industry professionals and emerging WIF members to fill in as department heads and crew members for the shoots. We have sponsorships for much of the equipment (both production and post houses) through industry partners, but the Producer would be responsible for booking all equipment amd sourcing additional needs within the budget.

At this time, no. The Production Program is only open to narrative projects.

As our mission is to advocate for and advance the careers of women working in the screen industries, the Women In Film Production Program is geared toward female Key Team members (Writer, Director, Producer, Line Producer). But we welcome all applicants who are active Career Level Members and above.

Yes, once accepted into the program. To apply, only one of these members must be an ACTIVE WIF CAREER, OR ABOVE, MEMBER.

Submissions will close at 11:59pm PT on the posted final day.

Absolutely! Please note that you will need to submit a separate application (completed in full) for each project.

As you would be entering the program with the proof-of-concept, we would need that script uploaded. But please do discuss the full feature and your plan for the proof-of-concept in your Artist Statement.

For additional questions not covered on this page, please contact Program Coordinator Angel Hunter at

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