Primetime Emmy Winners 2019

The women who were awarded at the Primetime Emmys on September 22, 2019 are:

* Winners listed in order of appearance during the awards show.
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Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Alex Borstein as Susie Myerson, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

“I want to dedicate this to the strength of a woman. To Amy Sherman-Palladino. To every woman on the Maisel cast and crew. To my mother… to my grandmother, Naji, they are immigrants, they are Holocaust survivors. My grandmother turned to a guard—she was in line to be shot into a pit—and she said, ‘What happens if I step out of line?’ And he said, ‘I don’t have the heart to shoot you, but somebody will,’ and she stepped out of line. And for that, I am here. And for that, my children are here. So, step out of line, ladies, step out of line!”

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series
and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, “Fleabag,” Episode 1

“I find writing really, really hard and really painful… It’s really wonderful to know a dirty, pervy, angry, messed-up woman can make it to the Emmys.”

Phoebe Waller-Bridge
as Fleabag, “Fleabag”

“I find acting really hard and really painful!”

Outstanding Competition Program

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Pamela Post, Executive Producer
Mandy Salangsang, Executive Producer
Michele Mills, Co-Executive Producer
Jacqueline Wilson, Co-Executive Producer
Thairin Smothers, Senior Producer
Michelle Visage, Producer
Jen Passovoy, Producer

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie

Patricia Arquette as Dee Dee Blanchard, “The Act”

“I just have to say: I’m grateful to be working. I’m grateful, at 50, to be getting the best parts of my life. And that’s great, but in my heart, I’m so sad I lost my sister Alexis and that trans people are still being persecuted. And I’m in mourning every day of my life, Alexis, and I will be the rest of my life, for you. Until we change the world so that trans people are not persecuted. And give them jobs! They’re human beings; let’s give them jobs. Let’s get rid of this bias that we have everywhere. Thank you.”

Outstanding Television Movie

BANDERSNATCH (“Black Mirror”)

Annabel Jones, Executive Producer

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie

Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon, “Fosse/Verdon”

“I see this as an acknowledgment of what is possible when a woman is trusted to discern her own needs, feels safe enough to voice them, and respected enough that they’ll be heard. When I asked for more dance classes, I heard, ‘Yes.’ More voice lessons, ‘Yes.’ A different wig, a pair of fake teeth not made out of rubber, ‘Yes.’

“And all of these things, they require effort and they cost more money, but my bosses never presumed to know better than I did about what I needed in order to do my job and honor Gwen Verdon. So I want to say thank you so much to FX and to Fox 21 Studios for supporting me completely and for paying me equally. Because they understood that when you put value into a person, it empowers that person to get in touch with their own inherent value. And then where do they put that value? They put it into their work.

“And so the next time a woman—and especially a woman of color, because she stands to make 52 cents on the dollar compared to her white male counterpart—tells you what she needs in order to do her job, listen to her. Believe her, because one day she might stand in front of you and say, ‘Thank you,’ for allowing her to succeed because of her workplace environment, and not in spite of it. Thank you.”

Outstanding Limited Series


Carolyn Strauss, Executive Producer
Jane Featherstone, Executive Producer
Sanne Wohlenberg, Producer

Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series
and Outstanding Variety Talk Series

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

Jill Twiss, Senior Writer
Juli Weiner, Senior Writer
Raquel D’Apice, Written by
Joanna Rothkopf, Written by

Liz Stanton, Executive Producer

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series

“Saturday Night Live”

Lindsay Shookus, Producer
Erin Doyle, Producer

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore, “Ozark”

“I want to give a piece [of this award] to everybody that has been involved in my life!”

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Jodie Comer as Villanelle, “Killing Eve”

“I cannot believe I’m in a category alongside these women; one of them who is my costar, Sandra Oh. Safe to say, Sandra, that this Killing Eve journey has been an absolute whirlwind, and I feel so lucky to have shared the whole experience with you.”

Outstanding Comedy Series


Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Executive Producer
Lydia Hampson, Executive Producer
Sarah Hammond, Producer

Fleabag started as a one-woman show in Edinburgh Festival, 2014. The journey has been absolutely mental to get here!”

Outstanding Drama Series

“Game of Thrones”

Carolyn Strauss, Executive Producer
Bernadette Caulfield, Executive Producer
Lisa McAtackney, Producer

Photos sourced from; credit: Invision/AP