Member Initiate

Submission Guidelines for Member-initiated Programs
Updated 2018

Do you have an idea for a recurring program or one-off event?

Let us know by describing your proposal via this form.

But first, please read our guidelines and general information:

  • Program submissions are only accepted from active WIF members in good standing.  Program leaders are welcome to consult with outside experts in order to create the best possible program.
  • Keep in mind, as you choose the participants for your event, that WIF’s mission is to promote the best interests of women in the media industry. The sessions don’t need to be entirely composed of female participants, but you are encouraged to seek out women who, for example, can speak insightfully about the topic at hand.
  • WIF is committed to diversity throughout the organization. To deliver on that commitment and due to our firm belief in the value of diversity—intersectional across race, ethnicity, ability, age, class, sexual orientation and gender identity—we are committed to increasing a diversified representation of people within the industry through our programs and events.  Whenever possible, please make cross-demographic inclusion a priority when planning programs.
  • Budget: Please note that WIF does not guarantee funding for events.
  • Depending on availability, WIF office space may be used for small events of up to 50 people. Events at our space would need to be held on weeknights Monday-Thursday or Saturday mornings.