Make Your International Women’s Day Marvelous

CAPTAIN MARVEL co-director Anna Boden with fans

March is Women’s History Month, and this week a number of women will be making history on-screen and behind the camera when CAPTAIN MARVEL debuts as Marvel Studios’ first movie centered on a female lead. We are excited to support this film and highlight not only the superhero alter-ego of Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson), but all of the women who have brought this movie to life.

Anna Boden is Marvel Studios’ first female director, sharing co-directing duties with husband Ryan Fleck. The duo have been collaborators for over fifteen years, teaming up on projects including HALF NELSON, IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY, and episodes of The Big CThe Affair, and Billions.

Writing the screenplay along with Boden and Fleck is Geneva Robertson-Dworet of TOMB RAIDER (2018). She’s been announced as the writer on more genre films to come, including another Marvel property, SILVER SABLE. Story credits also include writers Nicole Perlman (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) and Meg LeFauve (INSIDE OUT).

Joining Larson in the cast are a team of women embodying heroes, villains, and even one god-like figure known to fans of Marvel comics as the Supreme Intelligence (played by Annette Bening). Lashana Lynch’s character Maria Rambeau has been described as Carol Danvers’ best friend and a fellow rare female Air Force pilot. CRAZY RICH ASIANS’ breakout actress Gemma Chan dons familiarly colorful movie makeup as alien sniper Minn-Erva. Cameos from Avengers castmates are likely, including Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow.

Pinar Toprak

Women In Film Executive Member Pinar Toprak is the first female composer to score a high-profile superhero film. At Variety‘s Music for Screens Summit in 2018, Toprak said, “The world only changes by example. It doesn’t change by preaching. The more little kids in Turkey, or other places like that, can see me do this, they can actually start believing, ‘Oh, that’s possible.'”

Alison Plante, chair of the Film Scoring Department at Toprak’s alma mater Berklee School of Music says, “The ‘celluloid ceiling’ is well-known at this point, and nowhere is it more difficult to break into studio filmmaking than in composing, where of the 250 top-grossing films of [2017] only 3 percent were scored by a woman. Big tentpole films like the Marvel superhero movies have proven especially resistant to diversifying.”

CAPTAIN MARVEL’s executive producers include Victoria Alonso and Patricia Whitcher, and the film is associate produced by Mary Livanos. Debbie Berman served as editor. Sarah Finn oversaw casting. The film was art directed by a team including Elena Albanese and Lauren E. Polizzi. Lauri Gaffin served as set decorator. Costume design by Sanja Milkovic Hays.

A robust hair and makeup department includes Erica Akin, Camille Friend, Carleigh Herbert, Connie Kallos, Anna Majewski, Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Ahou Mofid, Emily Fiora Parks, Raissa Patton, Anna Quinn, Julie Rea, Lisa Rocco, Cassie Russek, Taylor Schulte, Karrieann Heisner Sillay, and Sabrina Wilson. Heba Thorisdottir served as Brie Larson’s personal makeup artist.

The production supervisor was Paddy Cullen and UPMs were Susan McNamara and JoAnn Perritano. The second unit team included Katy Galow, Emily Neumann, Megan Schmidt, and Anneke Scott.

The art department included Jill Broadfoot, Andrea Carter, Rahma Farahat, Lisa Fiorito, Claire Fredrickson, Sara Gardner-Gail, Stephanie Higgins Frey, Hannah M. Hinkel, Katarina Kushin, Tammy S. Lee, Melissa McDorley, Beth Mickle, Chelsea Mondelli, Shamim Seifzadeh, Laura Solomon, and Alanna Suen.

The sound department included Teresa Eckton, Lora Hirschberg, Krysten Mate, Marilyn Morris, Alyssa Nevarez, Chloe Patenaude, Kimberly Patrick, Sarah Shaw, Bonnie Wild, Qianbaihui Yang, and Gwendolyn Yates Whittle.

The special effects team included Blair Berens, Dawn Dininger, Allison Gainza, Nyssa Grazda, and Hannah Kang. The visual effects team included Martha Aguilar, Sophie Aktas, Elana Andersen, Ilona Blyth, Sara Bold, Julia Boldt, Alexis Borchardt, Emma Brady, Dominique Breyvogel, Tiffany Nichole Bromley, Amrei Bronnenmayer, Christina Caspers-Roemer, Tagui Chilyan, Alex Coble, Diana Cobo, Danielle Costa, Mirela Costache, Janelle Croshaw, Stephanie Cziczo, Beth D’Amato, Anais Dapp, Amanda Darby, Leah Darrington, Sharon Das, Alexandra Daunt Watney, Megan Dolman, Belen Sousa Domínguez, Loa Mayra Dumong, Andrea Dutti, Claudia Engels, Verónica Granadero Estrada, Natalie Fritz, Andrea Geremia, Angela Giannoni, Kristin Goedicke, Meagan Green, Marie-Ève Gélinas, Nicola Hahn, Heiðrún Tinna Haraldsdóttir, Leona Helly, Connie Hendrix, Teresa Hernandez, Andréa Hervet, Heather Hoyland, Katie Hoyt, Liana Jackson, Sabine Janetzka, Celia Jepson, Sylvia Kratzsch, Simone Kraus Townsend, Anna Kriegl, Carmen Lantsheer, Claire Le Teuff, Jenny Leupold, Wanqi Lyu, Iwona Macesowicz, Stacy Mangan, Lara Mazzawi, Vita Medelyte, Natalie Meffert, Chelsea Mirus, Lily Morgan, Ourania Mourta, Anna Mudrak, Susan Mueller, Bébhinn Naughton, Marlene Nehls, Christine Neumann, Sarah Neveu, Camille Paleni, Sumita Pandey, Jittiyaporn Patjuthane, Jessica Pearce, Katrissa ‘Kat’ Peterson, Gabrielle Powell, Olivia Puchalla, Franzisca Puppe, Vani Rakesh, Jana Rexhausen, Susanna Riccio, Ariadna Roa Salazar, Tanissa Potrovitza Schoen, Priya Short, Karolina Simos, Wannita Sirikul, Laila Sleiman Sanz, Natalie Smith, Katie Stetson, Eunice Taylor, Syria Toliver, Barbara Valente, Marieke van Neutigem, Tanja Wax, Ros Webb, Ruth Wiegand, Mona Wiemer, Lyndsey Will, Katie Williams, Daria Zecha, and Jialing Danni Zhang.

The stunt team included Joanna Bennett, Hannah Betts, Tamiko Brownlee, Elisabeth P. Carpenter, Alyma Dorsey, Jennifer Elizabeth, Monique Ganderton, C.C. Ice, Linda Kessler, Ingrid Kleinig, Bethany Levy, Tara Macken, Crystal Michelle, Heidi Moneymaker, Renae Moneymaker, Natalie Padilla, Kara Petersen, Juliana Potter, Alice Rietveld, Karin Silvestri, Amy Sturdivant, Mallory Thompson, and Keisha Tucker.

The camera and electrical department included Dana Arnold, Lauren Elizabeth Cummings, Samantha Gardella, Trish Herremans, Sarah Levy, Colleen Mleziva, and Dana Morris.

The animation department included Liz Bernard, Olivia Farrar, and Naomi Hibbert.

The casting department included Molly Doyle and Barbara Harris.

The costume and wardrobe department included Heather Armstrong, Dorothy Bulac, Mairi Chisholm, Wendy M. Craig, Sharon Fauvel, Amandine Garcia, Hannah Greene, Kacie Guggia, Briana Heavener, Katherine Hoang, Katie Jenkinson, Katy Johnson, Stacia Lang, Grace LaVier, Marilyn Madsen, Linda Matthews, Jessica Pazdernik, Katelyn Rodgers, Lily Scott, Irena Stepic, Heather Vandergriff, Pamela Waggoner, Bianca White, and Tricia Yoo.

The editorial department included Jessica Baclesse, Kimberly Boritz, Jacqui Loran, Carrie Oliver, and Denise Woodgerd.

The location management team included Jennifer Antoinette Kennedy, Angela Nikki Landrum, Bonnie Marquette, Sherry Roldan, and Sonia K. Villerias.

The music department included Christine Bergren, Dorina Markoff-McNulty, and Shannon Murphy.

The transportation department included Lauryn Bane, Monica W. Fuller, Debbie Lane, Bea S. Rembeczky, and Claudia Rojas.

Other crew included Rachael Alexa, Caroline Andrade, Maria Astorga, Alexis Auditore, Liz Avelar, Sara Bartkiewicz, Ashley Bencomo, Ursula Brauner, Laura Breakey, Lauren Caldwell, Sarah Gabriel Carnick, Hannah Chartier, Cara Marie Chooljian, Kit Conners, Elisabeth Croy, Dana Curt, Erika Denton, Anita Dominguez, Marilyn Dozer-Chaney, Maxime Dubuc, Kelsey Duvauchelle, Amelia Edgley, Rebecca Esquivel, Charlotte Gleason, Stacey Gonillo, Gerri Valentina Gonzalez, Tina Grimm, Jasmine Gunderson, Danielle Halagarda, Sierra Heuermann, Dakotah Hitt, Alison Hoberman, Askia Won-Ling Jacob, Samantha C. Kirkeby, Patricia Kung, Lisa Mason Lee, Teresa Jolene Lee, Ashley Brooke Lewis, Susana Lou, Shelby Malone, Megan Marquardt, Maegan Mauriello, Kerry Lyn McKissick, Katherine Lucy McLure, Suzie Meyer, Julia Monahan, Shelby Murphy, Monica Ng, Liana Oja, Shahira Osman, Stacy Parker, Christine Rings, Stephanie Ann Rosen, Michelle Rumaker, Romana Samritani, Robin Spears, Nina Tarrab, Lauren VanOrsdale, Rachel Vigneaux, Donna Willis, Amy Denning Winfrey, Susie Yamamoto, Sue Young Kim, Cassandra Marie Leone, and Morgan Macgowan.