Vote for Women In Film to Win an LA2050 Grant
for our Proposed Campus to Career Initiative

From 9am PDT on Monday, April 22, 2019 through 5pm PDT on Monday, April 29, 2019, we ask that you cast your vote in the My LA2050 Grants Challenge so that Women In Film can become one of 50 finalists to be considered for a grant from the Goldhirsch Foundation. If selected, we will launch the Campus to Career Initiative (CCI), in partnership with The California State University Entertainment Alliance. CCI participants—women in college from underrepresented communities in L.A. County—will receive engaged, personalized guidance through their journeys from internship to employment in Hollywood.

What is the My LA2050 Grants Challenge?

LA2050 is a community-guided initiative driving progress toward a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles. Since 2013, LA2050 has granted funds to organizations working toward an aspirational vision centered on five goals: to make Los Angeles the best place to learncreateplayconnect, and live by the year 2050.

Each year, two organizations per goal category (ten in total) receive grants to implement their ideas to turn inspiration into impact. Winning organizations’ projects aim to engage Angelenos to make a specific, tangible impact on the future of Los Angeles.  (read more)

What goal category is Women In Film applying for?

CREATE: Women In Film’s proposed Campus to Career Initiative aims to help make Los Angeles the best place to create by the year 2050. The LA2050 vision for this goal category is:

“Our region will empower its residents to harness their creativity by fostering entrepreneurship, cultural diversity, and inclusivity.

“By the year 2050, Los Angeles will continue to play host to the largest concentration of working artists in the nation and provide support to maintain (and build) its robust collection of arts establishments. It will lead the nation in manufacturing and become an international leader in technology and innovation. Our region will be a center for entrepreneurial activity that creates jobs and generates wealth for a diverse, flexible, and talented workforce. LA’s business community will reflect the diversity of our region, enhancing our international business opportunities.”  (read more)

What is the Campus to Career Initiative (CCI)?

Entertainment is one of L.A.’s biggest industries, yet its leadership does not accurately represent the people of L.A.: only 23% of leadership positions are held by women. Women of color, just 5%. Women In Film (WIF), in partnership with The California State University Entertainment Alliance (CSUEA), will launch the Campus to Career Initiative for women from underrepresented communities in L.A. County. These students will receive engaged, personalized guidance through their journeys from internship to employment in Hollywood.

If the entertainment industry is to become fully representative of the world for which it creates content, the historically selective pipeline through which Hollywood finds its labor force must be expanded intentionally from student age through senior-level hires. In this pilot phase, CCI will consist of regular professional development workshops, one-on-one advisement, and individualized job strategies for a cohort of selected students. In conjunction, CCI will develop a training course for entertainment companies interested in expanding their workforces to truly represent the city and county.

The initial cohort of 30 women students will be selected through CSUEA’s internship program and have a demonstrated interest in an executive career path. CCI will begin its curriculum design process in the early Fall of 2019 for both the workshops for students and trainings for companies. Student workshops will include basic skill building such as résumés and interviewing for jobs in entertainment, but also issues prioritized by WIF such as confidence building and understanding gender bias. Participant applications will open in late Fall, with the aim of selecting participants for the beginning of Spring semester 2020. The program for students will formally take place over one year. By the end of one year, participants will be equipped with a deep skill set to help them excel at interviews and internships, and will have had opportunities to put these skill sets to use. Company trainings will be planned for a 2020 start as well, informed and partially delivered by CCI student participants, and delivered to companies partnering with CSUEA.

Click here to read the full proposal.

What is Women In Film (WIF)?

Women In Film is a nonprofit organization that advocates for and advances the careers of women working in the screen industries—to achieve parity and transform culture. Read more about our programs and resources at

What is The California State University Education Alliance (CSUEA)?

CSUEA programs offer invaluable learning, career development, and networking opportunities to prepare and empower students for successful careers in entertainment arts & media. Click here to read more about CSUEA.

How do I vote?

  • Voting begins on Monday, April 22, 2019 (9am Pacific Time) and closes Monday, April 29, 2019 (5pm Pacific Time).
  • Members of the public may vote once per goal category for a total of five votes.
  • Voters must be at least 14 years old and a U.S. resident.
  • To participate in the My LA2050 Grants Challenge, voters must sign in with their mobile phone, email address, or Facebook account.
  • Voters signing in by phone will receive an SMS text message with a confirmation code to enter.
  • Voters signing in by email will be sent an email message with a link to press.

How can I help spread the word?