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INSIGHT is a community for women of color media creators. With support and resources from Women In Film, we are creating a group aimed to elevate our careers in a collective and nurturing way, and provide guidance and knowledge-sharing with one another. Participation includes open dialogue sessions, collaboration with fellow participants, and the opportunities to plan custom programs. Ultimately we hope to address the vast range of what it takes to forge livelihoods in entertainment. There is urgency in our industry to address professional challenges faced by those of us with intersectional identities. We come together to ensure our voices and work are valued by each other and the entertainment field at large.

In addition to the larger community, 15 INSIGHT Fellows will receive mentoring, bi-monthly master classes, and the opportunity to be featured on the Women In Film website. Master class topics range from creative producing to directing actors (and many things in between). If you are not selected for a fellowship, there will be other avenues to be involved, so we hope you’ll stay connected.

Eligibility & Requirements:

  • Creative professional with relevant credits in your field
    • OR recent graduate of media studies program (film or production related)
    • OR currently matriculated in graduate media studies program (film or production related)
  • Actively working on creative projects
  • Current Women In Film Member
    • OR referred by an INSIGHT participant
    • OR referred by a Women In Film staff member
  • Identify as a woman of color or non-binary person of color