#GivingTuesday 2017

As part of #GivingTuesday, we are raising $25,000 to support the Women In Film Sexual Harassment Help Line. 

Since early October, the world’s attention has been focused on the unfolding story of countless allegations of sexual harassment against many powerful men in the entertainment industry. Hundreds of brave people are coming forward to share their stories of survival, and many more continue to give voice to this problem that has existed in our industry and others for generations. Having been at the center of discrimination advocacy on behalf of women for decades, and more recently having financed and guided research and a multi-year awareness campaign to expose gender disparity throughout the screen industries, Women In Film, Los Angeles, has stepped up to the challenge of providing a safe haven for victims of sexual harassment across all disciplines of entertainment, including film, television and music.



On November 9, Women In Film announced a new initiative–a Help Line, with the purpose of guiding survivors to the help their situation demands. Women In Film’s Sexual Harassment Help Line is an integrated program to refer anyone in need of assistance to designated mental health counselors, law enforcement professionals, and civil and criminal lawyers and litigators.

Founding Partner WME has provided seed funding to launch the Help Line. Our goal is to raise the remaining $25,000 needed to get the Help Line up-and-running by December 1.

The mission of Women In Film is to advocate for and advance the careers of women working in the screen industries–to achieve parity and transform culture. Your contributions to the Help Line will, indeed, help us transform culture in a very immediate and meaningful way.

Click here to donate now. Any amount will help us reach our goal. Be a part of making a difference. Be a part of Giving Tuesday, and give to those who need our help.