Financing Intensive


For the last seven years, Sundance Institute and Women In Film have been working together to address the most challenging obstacles facing women filmmakers at structural and project-based levels. Accessing capital remains elusive for even seasoned creators, and our research has shown that women continue to deal with particular gendered biases that make it harder to secure financing.

Held on Monday, May 6 and Tuesday, May 7 in Los Angeles, the 2019 Women In Film Financing Intensive is designed to help approximately 12 filmmaking teams (6 narrative and 6 documentary) advance a front-burner project to the next stage of financing success. Over two days, filmmaking teams will participate in the following events: small group workshops focused on both pitching and financing strategy, an evening panel with financing experts, and one-on-one meetings with potential financiers and partners

The goal of this Intensive is for filmmakers who are actively seeking financing to walk away with stronger presentations as well as actionable, strategic steps to advance their projects to the next stage, and a chance to meet with potential partners.


To be eligible to apply, each filmmaking team must have:

  1. A strong feature-length documentary or narrative project actively seeking financing.
  2. The ability and willingness to discuss that project in small groups comprised of fellow filmmakers and high level advisors.
  3. Producer-director teams are welcome, as are producers or directors on their own. If a producer attends on their own, there must be a director attached to the project. If a director attends on their own, they should be a director-producer hyphenate or be intricately involved in financing the project. This is a producing-intensive clinic, and that skill set will be required.
  4. This Clinic will not be appropriate for highly seasoned filmmakers. First time filmmakers with strong projects are appropriate as are mid-career artists who would benefit from pitching, financing, and strategy counsel.
  5. One participant with active Women In Film membership.
  6. Los Angeles residence or means to attend. Travel is not provided.

Participants will be informed of selection the first week of April.