A group of five laughing people pick up their friend.


“That’s when I felt like I was really part of this community. I connect with women working in the trenches… When we have difficult decisions to make, or are working on challenging projects, we can rely on one another. We can pick up the phone and call one another to ask for advice. It’s so important to know that you’re not just a lone ranger out there.”

—WIF member Germaine Franco, Composer of COCO



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WIF Membership is a living network of culture changers who are eager to connect and build progress together. You value making relationships with like-minded people in your industry. Membership offers discounts to products and platforms, invitations to in-person member and partner events, and access to a virtual networking community.


WIF Honors

The annual WIF Honors gala supports the organization’s educational and philanthropic programs, and its advocacy for gender parity throughout the entertainment industry. The event serves to recognize the women who’ve made a significant contribution to changing the entertainment industry for the better.


Evening of October 24, 2024 at The Beverly Hilton
More details forthcoming. 


Public Events

Throughout the year, WIF builds community through screenings, panel conversations, and professional development programming such as networking events and skill-building workshops.