News & Documentary Emmy Winners 2019

The women who were awarded at the News and Documentary Emmys on September 24, 2019 are:

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News & Documentary Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a Newscast

"VICE News Tonight" Moment of Truth: Kavanaugh and Ford

Madeleine Haeringer, Executive Producer
Rita Chan, Senior Producer
Shawna Thomas, Senior Producer, Correspondent
Maral Usefi, Senior Producer
Christina Vallice, Senior Producer
Billie Brownstein, Producer
Juanita Ceballos, Producer
Patricia Guerra, Producer
Tracy Jarrett, Producer
Simone Perez, Producer
Alyse Shorland, Producer
Ani Ucar, Producer
Amanda Pisetzner, Coordinating Producer
Alexandra Jaffe, Correspondent

Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a Newscast
and Best Story in a Newscast

"VICE News Tonight" Yemen's Forgotten War

Madeleine Haeringer, Executive Producer
Cheryll Simpson, Senior Producer
Isobel Yeung, Correspondent

Outstanding Feature Story in a Newscast

"VICE News Tonight" Zero Tolerance

Madeleine Haeringer, Executive Producer
Rita Chan, Senior Producer
Juanita Ceballos, Producer
Jika González, Producer
Alyse Shorland, Producer
Lindsay Van Dyke, Producer
Antonia Hylton, Correspondent

Outstanding Hard News Feature Story in a Newscast

"PBS NewsHour" Yemen's Spiraling Hunger Crisis is a Man-Made Disaster

Sara Just, Executive Producer
Layla Quran, Producer
Jane Ferguson, Correspondent

Outstanding Investigative Report in a Newscast

"PBS NewsHour" Rape, Harassment and Retaliation in the U.S. Forest Service: Women Firefighters Tell Their Stories

Sara Just, Executive Producer
Emily Carpeaux, Senior Producer
Jenny Marder, Senior Producer, Digital Producer
Erica Hendry, Digital Producer
Vanessa Dennis, Digital Producer
Lorna Baldwin, Producer
Elizabeth Flock, Producer

Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a Newsmagazine

"60 Minutes" The Students of Stoneman Douglas

Lucy Hatcher, Producer
Gisela Perez, Field Producer
Sharyn Alfonsi, Correspondent

Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a Newsmagazine
and Best Story in a Newsmagazine

"60 Minutes" War Crime

Katie Kerbstat, Producer
Nicole Young, Producer
Selin Ozdemir, Field Producer

Outstanding Writing

Nicole Young, Writer
Katie Kerbstat, Writer

Outstanding Feature Story in a Newsmagazine

"60 Minutes" The Legacy of Lynching

Denise Schrier Cetta, Producer
Megan Kelty, Co-Producer
Oprah Winfrey, Correspondent

Outstanding Investigative Report in a Newsmagazine

"Fault Lines" Adoption Inc.

Hanaan Sarhan, Senior Producer
Laila Al-Arian, Senior Producer
Anna Cavell, Producer, Correspondent
Adrienne Haspel, Producer

Outstanding Breaking News Coverage

"ABC News Special Events" Hurricane Michael

Tamar Gargle, Senior Producer
Ricki Goldberg, Senior Producer
Santina Leuci, Senior Producer
Emily Stanitz, Senior Producer
Nancy Gabriner, Senior Editorial Producer
Brittany Borer, Producer
Katie Bosland, Producer
Esther Castillejo, Producer
Katie Conway, Producer
Katie Dendaas, Producer
Alison Ehrlich, Producer
Wendy Fisher, Producer
Sabrina Ghebremedhin, Producer
Melissa Griffin, Producer
Jennifer Harrison, Producer
Deirdre Littauer, Producer
Janice McDonald, Producer
Lissette Rodriguez, Producer
Barbara Schmitt, Producer
Alondra Valle, Segment Producer
Vera Drymon, Segment Producer
Eva Pilgrim, Correspondent
Maggie Rulli, Correspondent
Ginger Zee, Correspondent

Outstanding News Special

"48 Hours" & "CBS This Morning" 39 Days

Susan Zirinsky, Senior Executive Producer
Judy Tygard, Executive Producer
Nancy Kramer, Executive Story Editor
Diana Miller, Senior Producer
Candace Kuo, Senior Producer
Pat Milton, Senior Producer
Gisela Perez, Producer
Susan Mallie, Producer

Gayane Keshishyan Mendez, Producer
Tamara Weitzman
, Producer
Lucy Hatcher, Producer
Louise Serio, Coordinating Producer
Sara Ely Hulse, Coordinating Producer
Kaci Sokoloff, Coordinating Producer
Liz Roldan, Coordinating Producer
Alicia Alford, Florida Producer
Hannah Fraser-Chanpong, Florida Producer
Lucy L. Scott, Florida Producer
Michelle Fanucci, Florida Producer
Christina Ruffini, Washington Producer
Sharyn Alfonsi, Contributing Correspondent
Margaret Brennan, Contributing Correspondent
Nancy Cordes, Contributing Correspondent
Adriana Diaz, Contributing Correspondent
Bianna Golodryga, Contributing Correspondent
Gayle King, Contributing Correspondent
Norah O’Donnell, Contributing Correspondent

Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis

"AC360" Finding Hope: Battling America's Suicide Crisis

Kara Kasarjian, Senior Broadcast Producer
Kerry Rubin, Senior Producer
Jennifer Duck, Producer
Danielle Garcia, Producer
Jennifer Griffiths, Producer
Diane LaPosta, Producer
Kari Pricher, Producer
Carrie Stevenson, Producer
Randi Kaye, Correspondent
Renee Cullen, Director
Gina Fellows, Director

Outstanding Live Interview

"Amanpour" Archbishop of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, interviewed by Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour, Anchor
Annabel Archer, Executive Editor
Ana Bickford, Senior Editorial Producer
Madalena Araujo, Producer
Cecelia Armstrong, Producer
Clare Garnett, Producer
Hannah Ritchie, Producer
Azadeh Moshiri, Coordinating Producer

Outstanding Edited Interview

"Dateline NBC" Bringing Down Bill Cosby: Andrea Constand Speaks

Elizabeth Cole, Executive Producer
Ellen Mason, Senior Producer
Marianne Haggerty, Producer
Marianne O’Donnell, Producer
Sue Simpson, Producer
Linda Diehl, Additional Producer
Jacklyn Spirer, Additional Producer
Julie Kim, Field Producer
Kate Snow, Correspondent

Outstanding Science, Medical or Environmental Report

"AMHQ" Dangers of Tornadoes Depicted Through Immersive Mixed Reality

Nora Zimmett, Senior Executive Producer
Jenna Bell, Additional Producer

Outstanding Arts, Culture or Entertainment Report

"Art and Soul"

Courtney Coupe, Executive Producer
Ingela Travers-Hayward, Senior Producer
Sadie Bass, Supervising Producer

Outstanding Business, Consumer or Economic Report

"Hidden Cost: Our Laws Have Not Kept Up With the Climate"

Sylvia Rosabal, Senior Executive Producer
Marisa Venegas, Producer
Katie Wiggin, Field Producer

Outstanding Current Affairs Documentary


Nancy Abraham, Executive Producer
Lorena Luciano, Director/Producer

Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary


Geeta Gandbhir, Director/Producer
Flavia DeSouza, Co-Producer
Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Producer
Sally Jo Fifer, Executive Producer
Lois Vossen, Executive Producer
Perri Peltz, Executive Producer
Amy Shatsky-Gambrill, Supervising Producer

Outstanding Social Issue Documentary


Laura Poitras, Executive Producer
Anne Zeczypor, Co-Producer
Trina Rodriguez, Consulting Producer
Jane Teeling, Contributing Producer

Outstanding Investigative Documentary


Raney Aronson, Executive Producer
Jacqueline Soohen, Producer
Robin Fields, Managing Editor, ProPublica

Outstanding Historical Documentary


Jacqueline Glover, Executive Producer

Outstanding Arts and Culture Documentary

"Independent Lens" I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO

Sally Jo Fifer, Executive Producer
Amy Ahatsky-Gambrill, Supervising Producer

Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary


Cristina Costantini, Producer/Director
Gayle Lynn Fields, Line Producer
Jennifer Wood, Line Producer

Outstanding Nature Documentary


Cristina Clusiau, Director
Lauren Haber, Producer
Julia Nottingham, Producer
Sharon Chang, Executive Producer
Lilly Hartley, Executive Producer
Maxyne Franklin, Executive Producer
Kate Townsend, Executive Producer
Victoria Steventon, Executive Producer
Jenny Raskin, Co-Executive Producer
Paula Froehle, Co-Executive Producer
Cristina Ljungberg, Co-Executive Producer

Outstanding Business and Economic Documentary

"VICE Special Report" Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis

Veronique Huyghebaert, Line Producer
Elaina Demeyere, Archival Producer
Svetlana Didorenko, Archival Producer
Nicole Machrone, Archival Producer

Outstanding Short Documentary


Daresha Kyi, Director
Molly Kaplan, Executive Producer
Lindsey Dryden, Producer
Shaleece Haas, Producer
Nora Wilkinson, Coordinating Producer

Best Documentary


Geeta Gandbhir, Director
Nancy Abraham, Executive Producer
Lauran Bromley, Executive Producer
Myrna Bromley, Executive Producer
Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer
Sukey Novogratz, Executive Producer
Regina Scully, Executive Producer
Maile M. Zambuto, Executive Producer
Trish Adlesic, Director/Producer
Mariska Hargitay, Producer

Outstanding Newscast or Newsmagazine in Spanish

"Noticias Telemundo Mediodía"

Leticia Herrera, Executive Producer
Elizabeth Valdés, Director of News Gathering
Paula González, Senior Producer
Ana Ávila, Producer
Miriam Lisbet Barreda, Producer
Ana Bautista, Producer
Patricia Benavides, Producer
Glenda Contreras, Producer
Norma Galeana, Producer
Rubi Hurtado, Producer
Ana Méndez, Producer
Diane Morales, Producer
María Fabiola Ortiz, Producer
Adriana Rodríguez, Producer
Elisa Ross, Producer
María Alejandra Salas, Producer
Juliana Ucrós, Producer
Elizabeth Ortega, Director
Felicidad Aveleyra, Anchor
Paulina Sodi, Anchor
Verónica Albornóz, Correspondent
Vanessa Hauc, Correspondent
Cristina Londoño, Correspondent
Lori Montenegro, Correspondent
Alma Rosa Nieto, Correspondent
María Paula Ochoa, Correspondent
Issa Osorio, Correspondent
Paola Ramos, Correspondent
Rebeka Smyth, Correspondent
Paulina Sodi, Correspondent

Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in Spanish

"Noticias Telemundo" Emergencia en la frontera

Gemma García, Executive Producer
Leticia Herrera, Executive Producer
Elizabeth Valdes, Director of News Gathering
Adriana Rodríguez, Producer
Lori Montenegro, Correspondent

Outstanding Investigative Journalism in Spanish

"Aquí y Ahora" Muerte río arriba

Jeannette Casal, Managing Producer
Paola Bayron, Producer
Claudia Mendoza, Producer
Teresa Rodríguez, Anchor
Ilia Calderon, Anchor
Patricia Janiot, Anchor
Tifani Roberts, Correspondent

Outstanding Feature Story in Spanish

"Univision News Digital" El legado de tolerancia cero: niños traumatizadas y sin tratamiento

Almudena Toral, Director/Producer
Lorena Arroyo, Producer
Selymar Colón, Producer
Cindy Karp, Producer
Andrea Patiño Contreras, Producer

Outstanding New Approaches: Current News

"One Building, One Bomb: How Assad Gassed His Own People," The New York Times

Marcelle Hopkins, Executive Producer
Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Producer
Anjali Singhvi, Producer

Outstanding New Approaches: Documentary

Raney Aronson, Executive Producer
Michelle Mizner, Producer
Katie Worth, Producer
Carla Borrás, Producer
Beth Murphy, Executive Producer, GroundTruth Project
Marissa Miley, Executive Producer, GroundTruth Project

Outstanding New Approaches: Arts, Lifestyle and Culture

"Vox Earworm," The Most Feared Song in Jazz, Explained

Estelle Caswell, Writer/Director/Art Director
Mona Lalwani, Executive Producer
Valerie Lapinski, Managing Producer
Kim Mas, Camera

Outstanding Research

"Independent Lens," Dawnland

Kristen Salerno, Researcher
Mishy Lesser, Researcher
Sam Lednicky, Researcher
Shamini Ganasarajah, Researcher

Outstanding Editing: News

"Your Train is Delayed. Why?" The New York Times

Liz Deegan, Editor
Ora DeKornfeld, Editor

Outstanding Editing: Documentary

"Independent Lens" WIldland

Katrina Taylor, Editor

Outstanding Promotional Announcement

"The History of Comedy" Season 2 Campaign

Allison Gollust, EVP & CMO, CNN Creative Marketing
Whit Friese, VP & Group Creative Director, CNN Creative Marketing
Lara Hurst, Managing Director, CNN Creative Marketing
Lara Hurst, Marketing Director, CNN Creative Marketing
Diane Macbeth, Creative Director, Roger

Outstanding Regional News Story: Spot or Breaking News

WXIA 11Alive News (Atlanta, GA) Charlie's Ark

Erin Peterson, Producer

Outstanding Regional News Story: Investigative Report

KING 5 News (Seattle, WA) Sick and Forgotten at Hanford

Susannah Frame, Investigative Reporter