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2017 Crystal + Lucy ANGELS

Amy Baer
Hanelle M. Culpepper
Nadia Garnier and Elane Merari
Amy Guy and Shawn Trell
Jennifer Julian and Steven Bell
In Honor of Kawai Matthews
In Memory of Marvin Nachlis
Pamela Sharp


2016 Crystal + Lucy ANGELS

Adriana Alberghetti
Jennifer Aniston
Stephanie Austin
Amy Baer
Tessa Bell
Claire Best and Jordan Hawley
Kate Bosworth
John Burke
Joannie Burstein
Terry Curtin
Cameron Diaz
Jim & Leslie Fleming
Jane Fleming
Nadia Garnier
Erinn Hayes
Cathy King
Dorothee Kocks
In Honor of Sharon Lawrence
Vivienne Leebosh
Debbie Liebling
Kate Lupo
Jesse Lutz
Karla Maatouk
Michele Maher
Jennifer Malloy
Tracy McKnight
Hannah Minghella & Mitch Larson
Sue Montgomery
In Memory of Marvin Nachlis
In Honor of Marcia Nasatir
Gwyneth Paltrow
Deborah Pratt
Keri Putnam
Ingrid Rogers
Wendy & Si Russell
Kirsten Schaffer & Linda Kennedy
In Memory of Millie Shea
In Memory of Ruth Silver
S. Silverman
Alicia Silverstone
Lindsay Sloane
Mary Steenburgen
Sandra Stern
Rozella Toomer
Amy Guy & Shawn Trell
Michaela Watkins
Lucy Webb
In Memory of Marcia Webb
Gwen Wynne
Barbara Boyle In Honor of:
Dawn Hudson
Nancy Richardson
Marion Rosenberg
Cathy Schulman
Becky Smith


2016 Special Donors

Michael De Luca



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2015 Crystal + Lucy ANGELS 2015 SNOW ANGELS (WIF in Park City)
Barbi Appelquist & Jonathan Gardner
In Memory of Anne Bancroft
Miranda Barry
Steve & Cindy Bond
Carolyn Pfeiffer Bradshaw
Taylor Brock
Ferne Cassel
Carol T. Contes
Patricia Cullen
In Memory of Bonny Dore
Frederick R. Drake
Elaine Hastings Edell
Ruth Mary Fitzgibbon
Nadia Garnier
Morgan Green
Jane­ Howard Hammerstein
Marty & Jill Handelsman
Robin Hauser Reynolds
In Memory of Debra Hill
David H. Horowitz
Maikiko James
Pandora Kan
David Kay
In Honor of Thomas Kennedy
Sharon Lawrence
Ken LaZebnik
Alexis Luhrs
Greg Maher & Thomas Roddy, Jr.
Burnham Nelson Martin
Kevin McCormick
Hannah Minghella & Mitch Larson
Alex Nachlis
Gayle Nachlis
In Memory of Marvin Nachlis
Sara Nachlis
In Memory of Ned Olivier
In Memory of Taylor Negron
Betsy Pollock
In Memory of Ariovaldo Rapini
Jenifer Rosenberg
In Honor of Marion Rosenberg
Robert & Fiona Rosenberg
In Honor of Fae Sanger
Kirsten Schaffer
In Honor of Richard Schaffer
Jane Scovell
In Memory of Millie Shea
Charlotte Sheedy
The Countess Phyllis Sondes
Lucy Webb
In Memory of Marcia Webb
Christopher Wilding
In Memory of Robin Williams
Paula Silver
Saba Moor-Doucette
Sophia Yen
Claudia Keech
Diana Wright
Barbara Boyle
Marion Rosenberg
Steve Bond
Cindy Bond
Melissa Kent
Linda Feferman
Hillary Bibicoff
Keely Alona & Tricia Savitt
Tricia Savitt
Angela Wilson Gyetvan
Stewart Huey
Stephanie Austin
Barbi Appelquist
Carol Chacamaty
Catherine Dent
Amy Baer
Valerie Dalena
Roni Spitzer