6/22/19-6/23/19 Connect and Find Inspiration at AT&T SHAPE

AT&T SHAPE is a two-day event featuring speaking sessions centered around 5G and the future of entertainment and filmmaking, as well as exhibitors with interactive exhibits showcasing demos from real-time AR motion capture and holographic tech to AI and gaming technology. An entry ticket grants admission for both days alongside a studio tour, networking with fellow creators, and access to all the event’s activities.

At AT&T SHAPE, be inspired by creators like Elizabeth Banks and Karen Palmer, who are pushing new frontiers in storytelling and distribution. View the winners of the 6th edition of the AT&T Film Awards. Dive into immersive experiences with Magic Leap’s innovative technology that can bring your favorite fictional worlds to life.

Join AT&T and see what’s possible at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles on June 22-23, 2019. Registration is free with code WIF. Register today!