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Let's get to 10,000 pledges!

As fall approaches, we are moving beyond the one year anniversary of our #52FilmsByWomen campaign. On October 1, 2015, we launched #52FilmsByWomen as part of our Trailblazing Women Initiative with Turner Classic Movies. We asked a simple question: "Will you watch a film a week by a woman for one year?"

And so far, 13208 have said YES.  

Can we make it to 10,000? Help us get there. Make the pledge above, watch your films, and post them with hashtag #52FilmsByWomen. Encourage your friends and followers to do the same! 

If you have already made the pledge, we would love to hear all about it. Did you see any films that inspired you to action? Or anything you related to in a unique way? E-mail info@wif.org your stories and lists, and we will share our favorites. You can also help us get to ten thousand by encouraging others to make the pledge! 

If you found that life got in the way of completing your list,  that doesn't mean that you should give up! You can always go back to supporting women creators by watching their work. We will spend this month helping people get back on track with #52FilmsByWomen by sharing lists or films. You can start with this list from Film Fatales, of 245 films by women streaming on Netflix. We also have growing lists from our Senior Director of Education Gayle Nachlis, and our Communications Coordinator Morgan Green. Scroll down & follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find even more lists and ways to watch films by women. 

We can’t make it to 10,000 without you! 


If you're in LA you can catch films by women through the Women In Film Screening Series. Members attend for free!

Lists of Films By Women Directors