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Will you watch a film a week by a woman for one year? Say YES, and join our #52FilmsByWomen movement! It is super easy: make the commitment, watch the film and post about it on Facebook or Twitter. You can curate a list on GoWatchIt, or pull from one of the many lists of films by female writers and directors.

In our latest round of research, Exploring the Careers of Female Filmmakers: Phase III, we found that one of the barriers for female directors is a perceived scarcity of talent pool and experience. Many of those surveyed couldn’t name a female director. Can you believe that? There are over one thousand female directors on The Director List, 1300 female directors at the DGA  and 45 who have helmed a $25 million movie in the last 13 years. We believe that #52FilmsByWomen is a fun way to bring attention to the many talented female filmmakers around the world, and a great way to spark a creative and interactive conversation.

We hatched this idea to increase awareness of female filmmakers and hopefully along the way you’ll find stories that inspire, educate and entertain you!


If you’re in LA you can catch films by women through the Women In Film Screening Series. Members attend for free!


Lists of Films By Women Directors