Three WIF Members are Fox Directing Fellows

On August 25, 2016, Fox Global Directors Initiative announced its 16 Director Fellows for its comedy and drama apprenticeship program. Three of the fellows selected are Women In Film members: Rachel Goldberg, Alexis Korycinski, and Yoko Okumura. All three of these women are part of WIF’s mentoring program, and also directed shorts selected for Women In Film’s Member Shorts Night at the West Hollywood Library early this year. We are so pleased to congratulate their hard work and talent!

Meet the fellows!


Yoko Okumura

Women In Film was a really great resource for me, especially while bridging my life as a AFI directing fellow into an active industry professional. The screenings, mentorship programs and opportunities for exposure were really nice to have while transitioning.

     —Yoko Okumura, Comedy Fellow


Rachel Goldberg

Women in Film is an amazing organization that surrounds me with so many supportive, talented and pioneering women in the industry. I am grateful for the friendships I have made and it is an honor to be in the Fox Global Directors Initiative with so many incredible directors including fellow WIF members, Yoko Okumara and Alexis Korycinski!!!

     —Rachel Goldberg, Drama Fellow


Alexis Korycinski

I began my career over ten years ago in Los Angeles making coffee runs, picking up dry cleaning, etc… The perk? Being surrounded by talented people. Finding people to inspire and push your career is one of the keys to creativity. Find those people who think big and are investing in their development with as much enthusiasm as yourself. Women in Film is an organization full of talented women in all stages of their careers and has provided meaningful opportunities. Whether searching for a mentor, collaborator, feedback or just trying to open some new doors, Women in Film is a space to create and grow.

     —Alexis Korycinski, Drama Fellow

Jennifer Phang, director of Advantageous, was also selected as a directing fellow. Phang appeared on Women In Film’s directing panel in February of this year.