2019 AFI Fest Line-up & Ticket Giveaway

The weeklong AFI Fest opens this Thursday, featuring an excellent spectrum of women-directed films.

We at Women In Film are very excited to see two 2018 recipients of our Film Finishing Fund, THE PLANTERS (co-directed by Alexandra Kotcheff and Hannah Leder) and THE BODY REMEMBERS WHEN THE WORLD BROKE OPEN (co-directed by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Kathleen Hepburn) selected for the festival’s New Auteurs category.

We’re also pleased to be Community Supporters of three films screening at the festival, and we have a limited number of pairs of tickets to give away to Women In Film members. Click the links below to enter to win. In addition, you can use code 2WIF2019 for $2 off tickets to AFI Fest screenings.

THE PLANTERS, Directed by Alexandra Kotcheff & Hannah Leder


Written, directed, produced, and starring Alexandra Kotcheff and Hannah Leder, THE PLANTERS is a dark comedy about a reclusive telemarketer who befriends a homeless woman with multiple personalities.

Friday, November 15, 4:30 p.m.Enter to win a pair of tickets
Tuesday, November 19, 4:15 p.m.Enter to win a pair of tickets
All screenings are located at the TCL Chinese Theaters 6 complex on level 3 of Hollywood & Highland.

Click here to purchase tickets; use code 2WIF2019 for $2 off.

adam poster


Samia, heavily pregnant and alone, wanders through Casablanca, seeking shelter until Abla, a single monther, reluctantly takes her in. As the women discover each other’s inner struggles, their lives are transformed. A film festival darling, Maryam Touzani’s debut feature crafts a delicate tale of love through a confident female gaze.

Monday, November 18, 5:15 p.m.Enter to win a pair of tickets
Tuesday, November 19, 3:15 p.m.
Enter to win a pair of tickets
All screenings are located at the TCL Chinese Theaters 6 complex on level 3 of Hollywood & Highland.

Click here to purchase tickets; use code 2WIF2019 for $2 off.

i am woman


For the first time on screen, I AM WOMAN tells the inspiring story of singer Helen Reddy, who wrote and sang the song “I Am Woman” that became the anthem for the women’s movement in the 1970s. The film is a story of fearless ambition and passion, of a woman who smashed through the patriarchal norms of her time to become the international singing superstar she always dreamed of being. Directed by WIF member Unjoo Moon.

Thursday, November 21, 8:15 p.m.Enter to win a pair of tickets
All screenings are located at the TCL Chinese Theaters 6 complex on level 3 of Hollywood & Highland.

Click here to purchase tickets; use code 2WIF2019 for $2 off.

The women-directed films playing at AFI Fest 2019 are:

“Gala presentations spotlight the highest-profile and most anticipated films of the festival. Much more than screenings, these memorable events include major Los Angeles, North American, and World premieres, exciting celebrations that deliver top-name filmmakers and on-screen talents to the red carpet.”

  • QUEEN & SLIM, Melina Matsoukas – World Premiere
    Written by Lena Waithe; Produced by Matsoukas, Waithe, Michelle Knudsen, Pamela Abdy; Production Design by Karen Murphy

Special Screenings
“Showcasing some of the most acclaimed titles of the season, Special Screenings is an exciting combination of films from established international auteurs and emerging talents alike, each featuring unparalleled and unforgettable stories, characters, and performances.”

  • ATLANTICS (ATLANTIQUE), Mati Diop – Senegal Official International Feature Film Oscar® Submission
    Written by Diop; Produced by Judith Lou Lévy, Eve Robin; Cinematography by Claire Mathon, Edited by Aël Darrier Vega; Music by Fatima Al Qadiri
  • CLEMENCY, Chinonye Chukwu
    Written by Chukwu; Produced by Bronwyn Cornelius; Edited by Phyllis Housen; Music by Kathryn Bostic; Production Design by Margaux Rust
  • THE FRIEND, Gabriela Cowperthwaite – U.S. Premiere
    Production Design by Cara Brower
  • I AM WOMAN, Unjoo Moon
    Written by Emma Jensen; Produced by Moon, Rosemary Blight; Edited by Dany Cooper
    Written by Sciamma; Cinematography be Claire Mathon
  • TROOP ZERO, Bert & Bertie
    Written by Lucy Alibar; Produced by Viola Davis; Edited by Catherine Haight; Production Design by Laura Fox

World Cinema
“Here in Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world, storytellers unite to celebrate their collective contributions to the global cinematic landscape. Featuring the best in cinema from the U.S. and around the globe, this section presents the depth and diversity of human culture as seen through the universal language of the motion picture.”

  • ANTIGONE, Sophie Deraspe – Canada Official International Feature Film Oscar Submission
    Written, Cinematography, and Editing by Deraspe; Production Design by Yola van Leeuwenkamp
  • I WAS AT HOME, BUT… (ICH WAR ZUHAUSE, ABER…), Angela Schanelec
    Written, Produced, Edited by Schanelec
  • PROXIMA, Alice Winocour – U.S. Premiere
    Written by Winocour; Produced by Isabelle Madelaine, Emilie Tisné
    Written, Produced by Hernández; Edited by Rosario Suárez; Production Design by Aili Chen
  • SON-MOTHER (PESAR-MADAR), Mahnaz Mohammadi – U.S. Premiere

New Auteurs
“A platform for emerging filmmakers, this section aims to raise the profile of internationally diverse new talents and build audiences from the outset for these up-and-coming directors. Bursting onto the scene with astounding force, these narrative works push the boundaries of contemporary cinema with cutting edge themes and profound new visions.”

  • ADAM, Maryam Touzani – Morocco Official International Feature Film Oscar Submission
    Written by Touzani; Cinematography by Virginie Surdej; Edited by Julie Naas; Production Design by Pilar Peredo
  • BABYTEETH, Shannon Murphy
    Written by Rita Kalnejais; Produced by Alex White; Music by Amanda Brown; Production Design by Sherree Philips
  • BLOW THE MAN DOWN, Bridget Savage Cole, Danielle Krudy
    Written by Cole & Krudy; Produced by Lia Buman; Production Design by Jasmine Ballou Jones
  • THE BODY REMEMBERS WHEN THE WORLD BROKE OPEN, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Kathleen Hepburn
    Written by Tailfeathers & Hepburn; Produced by Lori Lozinski, Dyveke Bjørkly Graver; Production Design by Liz Cairns, Sophie Jarvis
    A recipient of the 2018 Women In Film Finishing Fund.
  • HALA, Minhal Baig
    Written, Produced by Baig; Cinematography by Carolina Costa; Edited by Saela Davis; Music by Mandy Hoffman; Production Design by Sue Tebbutt
  • IVANA THE TERRIBLE, Ivana Mladenović – North American Premiere
    Written, Produced by Mladenović; Cinematography by Carmen Tofeni; Edited by Patricia Chelaru; Production Design by Radmila Simić, Rada Dronjak, Gordana Mladenović
  • KNIVES AND SKIN, Jennifer Reeder
    Written by Reeder; Production Design by Adri Siriwatt
    Written, Edited by Summa; Produced by Cecilia Trautvetter; Cinematography by Katharina Schelling; Production Design by Camille Grangé
  • LINGUA FRANCA, Isabel Sandoval
    Written, Produced, Edited by Sandoval
  • LOVE ME TENDER, Klaudia Reynicke – U.S. Premiere
    Written, Music by Reynicke; Produced by Tiziana Soudani, Gabrielle De Gara, Michela Pini; Edited by Paola Freddi; Production Design by Sara B. Weingart
  • MATERNAL, Maura Delpero
    Written by Delpero; Produced by Marta Donzelli; Cinematography by Soledad Rodriguez; Edited by Ilaria Fraioli; Production Design by Yamila Fontán
  • MS SLAVIC 7, Sofia Bohdanowicz, Deragh Campbell
    Written, Produced, Edited, Production Design by Bohdanowicz, Campbell; Cinematography by Bohdanowicz
  • THE PLANTERS, Alexandra Kotcheff, Hannah Leder
    Written, Produced, Production Design by Kotcheff, Leder; Produced by Jacqueline Beiro; Edited by Pinky Baggins
    A recipient of the 2018 Women In Film Finishing Fund.
  • ROCKS, Sarah Gavron
    Written by Theresa Ikoko, Claire Wilson; Produced by Faye Ward, Ameenah Ayub Allen; Cinematography by Helene Louvart; Edited by Maya Maffioli; Music by Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch; Production Design by Alice Normington
  • SELAH AND THE SPADES, Tayarisha Poe
    Written, Produced by Poe; Produced by Lauren McBride, Jill Ahrens; Edited by Kate Abernathy; Music by Aska Matsumiya; Production Design by Valeria de Felice
    Written, Produced, Edited by Léon; Music by Pauchi Sasaki
  • WELCOME TO THE USA, Assel Aushakimova – World Premiere
    Written, Produced by Aushakimova; Produced by Zhanna Utarbayeva; Production Design by Nazim Marat

Documentary Films
“Comprised of features and shorts, this section presents some of the most engaging and powerful real-life stories depicted in global non-fiction cinema. With subjects and themes both profound and impactful, these works enlighten, educate, and entertain.”

  • AMERICAN FACTORY (美国工厂), Julia Reichert
    Produced, Cinematography by Reichert with co-director Steven Bognar; Produced by Julie Parker Benello; Edited by Lindsay Utz
    Produced by Orner, Sarah Anthony; Cinematography by Jenna Rosher; Edited by Kimberley Hassett
  • CHEZ JOLIE COIFFURE, Rosine Mbakam
    Written, Produced, Cinematography by Mbakam
  • DESERT ONE, Barbara Kopple
    Produced by Kopple; Cinematography by Gelareh Kiazand; Music by Wendy Blackstone
  • THE KINGMAKER, Lauren Greenfield
    Written, Produced by Greenfield; Cinematography by Shana Hagan; Music by Jocelyn Pook
  • ONE CHILD NATION, Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang
    Produced by Wang, Zhang, Julie Goldman, Carolyn Hepburn; Cinematography, Editing by Wang
    Written, Edited by Zhu
  • SEARCHING EVA, Pia Hellenthal
    Written by Hellenthal, Giorgia Malatrasi; Cinematography by Yana Höhnerbach; Production Design by Malatrasi, Daniela Dieterich

“This selection of provocative, jarring, and inventive international films is best enjoyed with a crowd after dark. These soon-to-be cult and arthouse classics feature sharp, electrifying talents working at the top of their genre game. These weird, wild, and energetic films promise to deliver a range of thrills for late-night genre devotees.”

  • SAINT MAUD, Rose Glass
    Written by Glass; Produced by Andrea Cornwell; Production Design by Paulina Rzeszowska

Cinema’s Legacy
“The Cinema’s Legacy section is devoted to celebrating the history of the motion picture. It is a special opportunity to discover recent documentaries on the medium, as well as acknowledged and rediscovered classics selected from the diverse and expansive history of filmmaking.”

  • FORMAN VS. FORMAN, Helena Třeštíková
    Written by Třeštíková; Produced by Katerina Cerna, Alena Mullerova, Christine Camdessus, Madeleine Avramoussis
  • ROMANTIC COMEDY, Elizabeth Sankey
    Written, Edited by Sankey; Produced by Chiara Ventura; Music by Summer Camp
  • VARDA BY AGNÈS, Agnès Varda
    Written, Edited by Varda; Produced by Rosalie Varda; Cinematography by Claire Duguet, Julia Fabry

Short Films
“Curated from thousands of entries, this year’s short films highlight unique voices from around the world—emerging and established filmmakers pushing the form of storytelling in inventive, challenging, and sometimes hilarious ways—all in 40 minutes or less.”

  • AZIZA, Soudade Kaadan
    Written by Kaadan, May Hayek; Produced, Edited by Kaadan; Cinematography by Elsy Hajjar
  • BLACK BUS STOP, Claudrena N. Harold
    Produced by Harold (with co-director Kevin Jerome Everson), Madeleine Molyneaux
  • BUG BITE, Emily Ann Hoffman
    Written by Hoffman; Produced by Valerie Steinberg; Edited by Lucy Adams
  • CARNE, Camila Kater
    Written, Production Design by Kater, Ana Julia Carvalheiro; Produced by Chelo Loureiro, Livia Perez; Music by Sofia Oriana Infante, Julia Teles
  • CHILD, Talia Zucker
    Written by Zucker; Produced by Amanda Freedman; Production Design by Natalie Fält
  • THE CLINIC, Elivia Shaw
    Produced by Shaw, Erin Kokdil; Cinematography, Editing by Shaw
  • DEEP TISSUE, Meredith Alloway
    Written, Produced by Alloway; Produced by Rachel Kiri Walker
  • EXAM, Sonia K. Hadad
    Written by Hadad, Farnoosh Samadi; Production Design by Farisa Farahani
    Written, Edited by Gary; Produced by Paige Wood, Artesia Balthrop; Cinematography by Mia Cioffi Henry; Music by Dyani Douze
  • HELLO AHMA, Siyou Tan
    Written by Tan; Produced by Samantha Lee, Shincy Lu; Cinematography by Arlene Muller
    Written, Edited by Teeuwisse
  • LIBERTY, Faren Humes
    Written by Humes; Produced by Katherine Fisher, Diana Ward; Cinematography by Zamarin Wahdat; Edited by Aleshka Ferrero; Production Design by Gabriela Soto
  • A LOVE SONG FOR LATASHA, Sophia Nahli Allison
    Produced by Allison, Janice Duncan; Cinematography, Editing by Allison; Music by Minna Choi
  • MACK WRESTLES, Erin Sanger, Taylor Hess
    Produced by Sanger, Hess; Cinematography by Sanger
  • MONSTRUO DIOS, Agustina San Martín
    Written, Edited by San Martín; Produced, Production Design by Lucila de Arizmendi, Maca Herrera Bravo; Cinematography, Editing by Constanza Sandoval; Edited by Florencia Gomez García; Music by Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo
  • SLUG LIFE, Sophie Gate
    Written, Cinematography by von Bahr
  • STORY, Jolanta Bankowska
    Written, Produced, Edited, Production Design by Bankowska; Produced by Ewa Jastrzebska
    Written by Jusu; Produced by Nikkia Moulterie; Cinematography by Daisy Zhou; Edited by Marina Katz; Production Design by Alison Melillo
  • UNDER COVERS, Michaela Olsen
    Written, Cinematography, Editing by Olsen
  • WAX PAUL NOW, Val Bodurtha, Rebecca Shaw, Sophie Mann
    Written, Produced by Shaw, Bodurtha, Mann; Edited by Debbie McMurtrey
    Written by Luo; Produced by Yuan Xue

Conservatory Showcase
“New to AFI FEST is the inaugural AFI Conservatory Showcase. This collection of 21 short fiction films includes an array of voices and styles from award-winners to world premieres, including a showcase of five Student Academy Award® finalists.”

  • LOUISE, Natalie Camou
    Written by Camou; Produced by Elizabeth Glass; Edited by Maria Freire
  • MISS BOUNDLESS (弄璋记), Qiyu Zhou
    Written by Zhou; Produced by Siyi Ren; Cinematography by Riley Hanyue Shen; Edited by Luqi Zhao; Production Design by Roxy Yi Hua
  • MORS DAG, Jeanine Frost
    Written by Frost; Produced by Elena Aksenova, Geenah Krisht; Cinematography by Erin G. Wesley; Edited by Ashley Monti
  • THEY WON’T LAST, Portlynn Tagavi
    Written by Tagavi; Cinematography by Delaney O’Brien; Production Design by Beatrice Cerezo
  • UNDER THE FLAG, Jiawei Cheng
    Written by Cheng; Produced by Danwen Lei; Edited by Yiqing Yu
  • YELLOW GIRL & ME, Isabella Issa
    Written by Issa; Edited by Christine Douglas; Production Design by Caitlin Ward