2018 WIF | The Black List Episodic Lab Semi-Finalists


FLORIDA WOMAN SAVES THE DAY by Leanna Adams/Julie O’Hora
Logline: After a brother-sister pair of trailer park Robin Hoods accidentally kill a Nazi in a routine convenience store heist, they’re forced to run from the cops, the media, and the dead guy’s family, all the while dealing with a stowaway kid.

SUBURBIA FALLS by Yolanda Buggs
Logline: Suburbia Falls is a powerful, gritty television series that tracks the lives of three homeless siblings, ages 20, 16, and 6, forced onto the streets by circumstances beyond their control; they must struggle to survive and kept their family unit together against incredible odds.

HOLDER by Rebecca Clouse Williams
Logline: In a dystopian America ruled by pharmaceutical titans, a contracted criminal is caught double crossing her big pharma employer and blackmailed by a rogue executive.

FLESH INC by Sophie Dawson
Logline: An underground network of black market brokers hunt human parts for a wealthy clientele.

FOOTLIGHTS by Loni Klara
Logline: During the Great Depression, a group of female performers attempt to achieve success in the dark, male-dominated world of Broadway.

GILT by Lisa Kors
Logline: GILT is a one hour drama that tells the story of 3 different women in Newport, R.I. whose lives collide one explosive summer during the Gilded Age when they’re caught in the web of the most notorious blackmailer in American history. Based on a true story.

FOURTH STREET by Daesha Lynn and Natalie Cederholm
Logline: Jeanie, a down on her luck casino cocktail waitress finds herself entangled in the seedy world of black market body harvesting. To get out clean she must go undercover… for the FBI.

GAMING THE SYSTEM by Dawn McLeod/Aileen Sheedy
Logline: Four Women working at a Video Game company fight misogyny and sexual harassment and end up with a few dead men.

SEXPERT by Sarah Mickelson
Logline: When a 16-year-old girl inadvertently becomes the sex sensei at her prudish high school, it gets harder to keep her biggest secret: she’s actually a virgin.

OTHERWORLD by Tracy Nicoletti
Logline: A Welsh teen with the power to perform real magic struggles to control his abilities, even as he finds himself literally caught between two worlds.

HOMEFRONT by Jude Roth
Logline: HOMEFRONT follows a group of female veterans struggling to salvage their lives in America’s South who, after tragedy strikes amid their ranks, sets out to help vets throughout the country.

IN IRONS by Sommer Rusinski
Logline: An acerbic matriarch and fish wholesaler in 1990s Long Island must decide where her loyalties lie when her husband’s secret debts threaten their business, family, and social status.

COLONY 14 by Helen Truong
Logline: An undercover FBI agent infiltrates a secretive group of off-the-grid survivalists, who are on the verge of starting a second American Revolution.

THAT SISTER THANG by Lindiwe Westernhagen
Logline: A techie South African woman’s mission to succeed in white, testosterone-fuelled Austin is disrupted when her rebellious sister moves in, exposing a family secret that could tear them apart.

EXIT STRATEGY by Brit Wigintton
Logline: After her best friend’s disappearance, Jocelyn’s life has completely dismantled. She believes the worst has happened – that is, until she receives a package from Ruby herself. Although the box’s contents seem unrelated, the six items lead Jocelyn on a quest throughout the South to find her friend – and, most importantly, herself.