2018 WIF | Black List Features Lab Semi-Finalists

SCOTT written by Anna Rose Moore
After her best friend dies, a success-driven lawyer is left with an unwinnable case – a female inmate’s accusations of rape by her prison guards. She soon uncovers a massive systemic scandal of sexual abuse by prison staff and the network used to cover it up.

GIRL ADRIFT written by Wendy Holley
Girl Adrift is a comedy about the ambitious and spirited Margaret Fitzgerald. She’s sixty going on 25, and has been living on the edge her entire life, traveling to the ends of the earth and back, believing you’re never too old to follow your passion. Yet, she now finds herself alone, divorced, estranged from her daughter, and desperately trying to survive in the rat race of everyday life, including managing the career of Molly, a talented but portly aspiring actress. It is through Molly, that Margaret seeks redemption by attempting to overcome all obstacles to achieve their big break together.

MICKEY AND THE BEAR written by Annabelle Attanasio
A scrappy teenage girl needs to find a way out of her codependent relationship with her veteran father. Set in present day Anaconda, Montana.

UNLIKELY LOVES written by Sonnhild Krug
When Gloria’s grandchildren find long forgotten letters from her high school sweetheart Harry, promising to take her to Paris, she sets out on a mission to convince him to make the trip before it is too late. But when Harry dies in an accident, Gloria needs to find a way to make her dream come true on her own.

MUSIC FESTIVAL written by Alexandra Gioulakis
The summer after graduating high school, aimless teen Dylan and her friends attempt to gain entry into a local music festival.

ANOTHER ALEX written by Lyralen Kaye
An Episcopal priest who always goes the extra mile finds is challenged when her daughter returns home with a transgender girlfriend, forcing her to examine the dynamics within her family and church over the course of an emotional and challenging weekend.

LOST GIANT written by Grace June Cleere
When a troubled teacher accidentally thwarts the suicide attempt of a man she mistakes for a child, an unexpected bond forms that alters both of their lives forever.

JUNIPER’S POINT written by Amber Alexander
A formidable mountain woman investigates a murder in her religious community and becomes entangled in a bloody battle for life, death and justice.

THE LAST FALL written by Cate Honzl,Adam Honzl
In the wake of society’s collapse, a determined but bitter woman must protect her precocious niece and isolated farmhouse from suspicious newcomers, mysterious fires, and violent bandits as the impending winter threatens to bury them all.

NEVER GOODBYE written by Edina Kishonthy
An American art historian woman visits Leningrad in the 70’s and falls in love with a dissenting painter. Their romance inadvertently poses a risk to Soviet national security, summoning the attention of the KGB…

LITTLE PIECES OF EVERYTHING written by Melissa Turkington
After the death of her grandmother, Naya is sent to a decaying foster camp at the edge of the world. There, she must escape adoption and reunite with her mother, a woman she has only seen in her imagination.

LUCID written by Holly Stanford-Brown
Upon going to sleep, a grieving art professor whose life is falling apart finds himself in an alternate universe where he’s reunited with his deceased daughter

In 1960s New York, a young computer programmer attempts to find love by creating the world’s first computer dating service.

PLAIN JANE written by Keely Lewis Wise
When buttoned-up LA morning news anchor Jane Wilson lands the network job of her dreams, she must return to her Bible Belt hometown to make sure a salacious secret from her past doesn’t destroy her future.

DIANA TRULY written by Michele W. Koop
Diana Truly is a family comedy about a ten year-old American girl who, convinced she is Princess Diana reincarnated, packs her bags and runs off to England to rejoin her sons.