2018 WIF | Black List Writing Labs

The Inaugural Black List/Women In Film Feature Lab for Women Writers supported by Verizon go90

The Black List and Women In Film hosted their first annual Feature Lab for Women Writers the week of February 18, 2018. During this week long, residential Lab, each writer workshopped one screenplay through a peer workshop and one-on-one sessions with working professional screenwriting mentors. They attended a series of events and screenings exposing them to the realities of a life as a professional screenwriter. Mentors and special guests included Amy Baer (Founder, Gidden Media), Tonia Davis (VP of Film, Chernin Entertainment), Dana Fox (HOW TO BE SINGLE), Maryam Keshavars (CIRCUMSTANCE), Graham Moore (THE IMITATION GAME), Amanda Silver (WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES), Kiwi Smith (LEGALLY BLONDE), Scott Myers (Go Into The Story), Lindsay Doran (SENSE AND SENSIBILITY), Aline Brosh McKenna (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) and Franklin Leonard (Founder, The Black List). The Lab participants’ scripts will be hosted by the Black List website following the Lab and participants will have their final scripts read by industry executives.

Congratulations to the participants of the 2018 Feature Lab:

Déjà Bernhardt-Leazer

Taken from her abusive home and then groomed into prostitution by her only friend, 11 year-old NOE fights to change her destiny in the paradise-lost of Waikiki.

Debbie Castanha

Self doubt prevents a man from fighting for his marriage but when his teen’s intervention forces him to finally face his painful past head-on, he resolves to get his wife and family back.

Jessica Ellis

During WW2, a dancer desperate to fulfill her dream of becoming a Radio City Rockette finds out the organization is secretly an extra-governmental force used for the assassination of Nazi leaders.

Natasha Lewin

One of the most violent moments in American civil-rights history—in 1961, black & white civil-rights activists, Freedom Riders, rode interstate buses to the Deep South to challenge the non-enforcement of desegregated public transit systems. “The tension is palpable, leaping off the page every time the Riders approach their next stop and their fear is felt across the decades.”

Lise Pyles

Pilot Charles Kingsford-Smith struts as Australia’s darling (first to span Pacific), but after a failed attempt to circle the globe causes the disappearance of his plane and the deaths of two searchers, he is grounded and accused of a hoax. Facing yellow journalism, outraged fans and a formal hearing, he must prove innocence and find the humility to save a dead friend’s reputation. Based on true events.

Cat Youell

The incredible true story of how Marie Grosholtz survived the French Revolution to become Madame Tussaud, the most famous wax worker in history.