2016 WIF | Black List Episodic Lab

Women In Film, LA (WIF) and the Black List are excited to announce that they have joined forces to create a television lab for female writers. The inaugural Women In Film/the Black List Episodic Lab is scheduled to begin in August 2016 in Los Angeles, CA.

Women In Film and the Black List have invited eight promising non-professional writers/teams who identify as women to the Lab. The Lab will run for eight weeks, with sessions once per week, and will consist of script development, workshopping sessions and Master Classes with established writers and industry executives. They represent many of television’s most experienced, talented and lauded writers, show creators, executive producers and supervising producers, including: Cindy Chupack (SEX AND THE CITY, MODERN FAMILY), Mara Brock Akil (BEING MARY JANE, GIRLFRIENDS), Melissa Rosenberg (JESSICA JONES, TWILIGHT Trilogy), Glen Mazzara (DAMIEN, THE WALKING DEAD),  Stacy Rukeyser (UNREAL, GREEK), Monica Beletsky (FARGO, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS), Lauren LeFranc (AGENTS OF SHIELD, CHUCK), Jenn Kaytin Robinson (SWEET/VICIOUS). Lab participants will have their final pilots read by agencies and networks.

2016 Participants

Name: Erica Bardin & Susan Graham
Series Title: SHEPHERDS
Logline: When dedicated pharmaceutical researcher Madison Shepherds gets fired for questionable reasons, she decides to start an underground psychedelic therapy clinic with her terminally ill father and hippie best friend. They run the Shepherds Clinic from the attached garage in her parents’ Tucson home, unbeknownst to her mother, a Republican senator in the middle of a reelection campaign largely financed by big pharma.

Name: Gesha-Marie Bland
Logline: After the ultimate betrayal by her husband, an ambitious Queen challenges her misogynist peers and the Roman Empire to gain political power and avenge the rape of her daughters, until a final battle forces a choice between life, family and legacy.

Name: Denise Jaxon
Logline:  During 1960’s Los Angeles, in the twilight of the Black Panther party and the dawn of the CRIPS, three LAPD officers with troubled lives and conflicting backgrounds battle to patrol the streets of South Central LA from their own self-righteous viewpoint while fueling the historically divisive precinct and compromising their safety on the streets.

Name: Jean Lee
Logline: A sci fi anthology series about unlikely heroes who encounter the horrors and delights of both humanity and technology as they deal with innovations that blur the line between man and machine. Season 1 follows a subversive Pinocchio story about a man who creates the world’s most human-like robot for prostitution; only, the more he succeeds in making her human, the less control he has over her, until eventually she begins to wonder if she is capable of more…

Name:  Jamie Mayer
Logline:  The staff of a high-end Malibu rehab center try to keep their own lives together while dealing with the needs of their wealthy, often celebrity, clients.

Name: Colleen McAllister
Series Title: PUSSIES
Logline: An animated comedy about a bunch of cats living in a cul-de-sac, confirming what we all know to be true, cats are assholes.

Names: Erin Weller & Kate Heckman
Series Title: FALSE FLAG
Logline: When a plane full of passengers disappears, Hester Scott, CIA, tracks down her former partner to help stop the terrorists responsible. The trouble is, her partner now works for them.

Name: Jeane Wong
Series Title: THE THIN LINE
Logline: A revisionist history series set in present-day America where segregation still exists.


Name: Sarah Beckett
Series Title: PLAYING DEAD
Logline: A young female survivor of a violent crime-turned-vigilante killer finds solace playing bodies on crime TV shows.

Name: Déjà Bernhardt-Leazer
Series Title: THE HYLINE
Logline: A television drama series about a Texas drill team: the dancers, their mothers and their community, as they navigate the stages and fields of ‘Girlhood’.

Name: Bronwen Clark
Series Title: NOSH
Logline: A young woman inherits an upscale Miami restaurant with dark secrets.

Name: Liz Cotone
Series Title: SERF
Logline: Russia, 1774. Based on a true story. A young peasant idolizes the noble class, until her illusions are destroyed when Russia’s wealthiest aristocrat plucks her from her family to be trained for his opera. Through a forbidden romance with her new master, her elevated position empowers her to become an advocate and eventually a leader for her people.

Name: Meagan Daine
Series title: GONE TOWN
Logline: In a conservative Midwestern town, a brilliant but troubled 15-year-old boy struggles to find sanity as pressures at school and at home push him down a dark path.

Name: Jenny Deiker
Series Title: BAPTISTE
Logline: A young woman reluctantly returns home to small town Louisiana to run the family business. But in order to keep the balance of nature and to prevent mass disease and destruction, she has to follow in the footsteps of her forefathers and occasionally feed someone to the unseen monster haunting Bayou Baptiste.

Name: Nancy Duff
Series Title: DEAD DROP
Logline: When her father disappears, Alexandra Sawyer follows his clues to the safety of Gilbert Hall. To outsiders, Gilbert Hall is a group home. To the GH5 Special Forces unit of the CIA, it’s a highly guarded safe house for orphaned offspring of the CIA’s elite. Thrown into a world of international espionage, Alexandra must come to terms with the truth about her parents while training with her peers as a junior agent.

Name: Melanie Holmes
Series Title: HOPEWELL
Logline: Set in 1955, in the (fictitious) small town of Hopewell, Mississippi, HOPEWELL is the story of a black boy’s murder at the hands of a white family. The series traces the long-term effects of the racially-motivated crime on the black and white families involved, and on the town of Hopewell and the nation at large, over the course of three decades

Name: Jillian Lauren
Series Title: HAREM
Logline: A precocious suburban teenager with lofty dreams but limited street smarts gets in over her head when she trades in her bohemian New York life to become a concubine in the harem of the richest man in the world.

Name: Lindsay McRae
Series Title: UNITY
Logline: After being banished to indentured servitude in America by Oliver Cromwell in 1650, a Scottish military commander and his men must survive seven years of oppressive ownership, wary Puritans, and the perilous work conditions of the untamed land in order to secure their freedom.

Name: Kate Murdoch
Logline: In a grim future, where the wealthy Manhattan elite banish the underprivileged to a dangerous ghetto in Brooklyn, a young socialite struggles with integrating into her new home after her husband accepts a social working job there.

Name: Erin Rodman
Series Title: SUPERIOR
Logline: When scholarship student Lyssa arrives at ultra-elite St. Clare’s Academy, it seems like a dream come true. But then the nightmares begin, and Lyssa quickly learns that her fellow students aren’t just there to learn, the faculty isn’t just there to teach, and the school has a bigger plan for them all.

Name: Paula Sabbaga
Series Title: PROS AND CONS
Logline: After her father is imprisoned for stealing eight billion dollars from the city of Chicago, college student CASS turns into an expert white collar criminal and alongside her equally skilled team, tries to make things right by stealing from the rich to give to the presently poor people affected by her father’s alleged actions.

Name:  Dawn Spinella
Series Title:  G.I. JANE
Logline: Jane is the Army’s poster girl for women in combat, but when her daughter is kidnapped, and she’s ordered to kill a high-profile military leader, she’ll need the help of covert Delta Force soldiers, and every ounce of control she can muster to rescue her daughter and unravel the deadly plot.

Name: Nadria Tucker
Series Title: THE REPORTER
Logline: Determined to free an inmate sentenced to die, a black female reporter investigates a decades-old murder case amidst the racial tensions of present-day Texas.

Name: Kay Tuxford & E.S. Dahl
Series Title: 40 ELEPHANTS
Logline: 40 Elephants centers around an all-female gang of thieves in 1920s London who steal from the rich to party like movie stars and earn the seductive independence they briefly glimpsed during World War I.

Name: Ursula Wendel
Series Title: HEMISPHERE
Logline: In this tense, stylish, sci-fi drama reminiscent of GATTACA and LOGAN’S RUN, a desperate man attempts to escape a dystopian, subterranean society and its authoritarian regime to the surface – where the last bastion of humanity may still exist.

Name: April Wright
Series Title: SOUL CITY
Logline: Based on a true story.  In the early 70s, a black rights activist sets out to create a self-sustaining black community in rural North Carolina, but his idealism is compromised from the start as he has to become a Republican and support Nixon’s re-election in order to get funding for his dream.

Name: Sarah Zucker
Series Title: THE SUN SET
Logline: Rival “Sewing Circles” of closeted women, the free-spirited Sun Set and the prim A-Lines, clash over sexual jealousies and differences in propriety as they strive for professional advancement in 1930s Hollywood.